NXNE Schedule — As up to date as can be!

Amos the Transparent

Here’s what you need to know about NXNE at Rancho Relaxo. There will be programming till 2 or 3 am on Weds, till 4 am on Thurs-Sat, and till 3 am on Sunday — so we haven’t filled the entire schedule yet. But we’ve filled more than almost any venue on the list so far, so I take pride in that. The Thursday showcase is a co-promotion with GreenShades. Friday we share the night with the Indie Machine, and Sunday we do it with the great guys at the See You Next Wednesday Podcast. Set times are subject to change but I will make any changes necessary as they happen.

Weds June 13th — Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00 sharp! Presented by Two Way Monologues

8 PM — Girlfriends and Boyfriends (Vancouver)
9 PM — Say Domino (London)
10 PM — Snake & Crane (Brampton)
11 PM — Hotel Royal (Whitby/Oshawa)
12 AM — Bronx Cheerleader (St. Catharines)
1 AM — TBA
2 AM — TBA

Huge rockin’ showcase with cool-as-hell bands from across Canada. Particularly stoked on Snake & Crane who sound epic, and Say Domino and Bronx who I have known for a while and always put on a great live show.

Thurs June 14th — Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00 sharp! Presented by Two Way Monologues and Green Shades

8 PM — Hind Legs (Halifax)
9 PM — CHAMPION LOVER (ex Black Devils Brigade) (Toronto)
10 PM — The Roseville Band (Wales)
11 PM — Papermaps (Toronto)
12 AM — MiniBoone (Brooklyn)
1 AM — Hue (Toronto)
2 AM — Elektrotank (Toronto)
3 AM — Dildoniks (Toronto)

An eclectic night from the PJ-Harvey-goes-garage-punk of the Hind Legs, to the garage-goes-dance Champion Lover, to an act here all the way from Wales. Toronto’s finest Papermaps are playing, and MiniBoone brings some Brooklyn to the Ranch. One of my favourite local artists Hue are up, and then it’s the always entertaining and exotic sounds of Elektrotank.

Fri June 15th — Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00 sharp! Presented by Two Way Monologues and the Indie Machine

8 PM — Ramona (Toronto)
9 PM — Haunter (Winnipeg)
10 PM — Foam Lake (Saskatoon)
11 PM — Paint (Toronto)
12 AM — Double Fuzz (Calgary)
1 AM — Dilly Dally (Toronto)
2 AM — Doom Squad (Montreal/Toronto)
3 AM — TBA

When the Indie Machine and TWM team up you know there will be beers, there will be whiskey, and there will be insanely well thought out and great music programming. This is no exception. Including a back end of the night with Toronto’s most awesome Dilly Dally and one of the most insanely creative acts in Canada right now, Doom Squad. Plus local favourites Paint and Ramona. And we do the rest of Canada pretty damn well too, representing five provinces in total. It only makes sense for two sites that represent Canadian music as hard as we do.

Sat June 16th — Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00 sharp! Presented by Two Way Monologues

8 PM — Amity Beach (Grand Bend)
9 PM — Broken Bricks (Toronto)
10 PM — The Dying Arts (Toronto)
11 PM — The Fabulous Yawn (Toronto)
12 AM — The Sour Notes (Austin)
1 AM — Meanwood (Toronto)
2 AM — Nicholas Doubleyou & the B Squad (Toronto)
3 AM — TBA

How are we so lucky to get such great bills? Meanwood is coming home to the Rancho where their sets are always some of the memorable we will have all year. Amity Beach kicks off the night with their Elwins-esque beach-pop jams. Broken Bricks are one of Toronto’s best bands and have been for the while. The Fabulous Yawn features members of Tokyo Police Club and the aforementioned Elwins and are f’n fantastic. Plus a band all the way from Austin! And two secret TBA’s!

Sun June 17th — Doors at 7:30, music at 8:00 sharp! Presented by Two Way Monologues and See You Next Wednesday Podcast

8 PM — TBA
9 PM — Wazu (New York/Australia)
10 PM — Goodnight, Sunrise (Toronto)
11 PM — Amos the Transparent (Ottawa)
12 AM — Dream Jefferson (Toronto)
1 AM — Soi Disant (Toronto) website coming soon
2 AM — TBA

This bill still needs a few touch ups, but holy shit, right? Amos the Transparent, Rancho legends, back for NXNE! Dream Jefferson, Rancho legends, dropping their brand-new EP Manchester Blue. Goodnight, Sunrise, Rancho legends, ready to bring the rock — and perhaps fire cannons into the crowd. And Wazu, maybe the most intriguing-sounding band we’ll have all festival!

Bookmark this page, for all updates and changes and announcements re NXNE!




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