See You Next Wednesday Episode 12 — Featuring Tenacious D, Beach House & Best Coast Reviews!

Zoinks! Episode 12 of See You Next Wednesday has us covering the shocking profit that Disney’s flop John Carter made last weekend at Drive-Ins across America, and we touch on Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, which hoodie-popped its way to DVD and BluRay recently.

We roll right in to Film Roulette — see what we did there? — and take a look at Exorcist II: The Heretic and Exorcist III: Legion… one is good, one is bad. You heard it here first! Unless you’ve seen them, or have read about them somewhere else on the internet — but I digress. Then, we roll for The Dictator and Battleship.

And as always, we’ve got album reviews! We listened to the new Tenacious DBeach House, and Best Coast records and have lots to say about them. So listen up, won’t you?

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Direct Download: SYNW_12_MAIN.mp3


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