Stella Ella Ola (Hollerado side project) Release Free Downloads, Ready For Debut Show!

Stella Ella Ola

Have you heard the debut tracks from the new band Stella Ella Ola, featuring a couple of guys from Hollerado and a guy (Vince Rice) and Anne Douris who are not? Aside from having a freaking amazing band name, the band also has a fascinating throwback sound. Their ethos: they play short songs. Vince told me they made a promise to never have any songs run over minute minutes.

That doesn’t mean they are a punk band or anything like that, it just means they make short, catchy as hell, retro poppy rock tunes that would work just as well in a dirty Toronto bar as they would at a high-school sockhop. Starting a new project with a couple of members from a notable band like Hollerado inevitably gets your band some attention right out the gate, but I wouldn’t be writing this if the music wasn’t strong regardless of who happens to be in the band.

The record was mixed with Niles Miszczyk (The Job), a man who — along with my sound technician at Rancho Justin Ladd — is on the rise in the recording industry. These recordings were taken live off the floor and when listening to them now I can’t imagine them being done any other way. Personal favourites on my end are “Little Black Rope” and the closer “Proud Mother Stomp.” These are being downloaded and put on regular rotation on the Rancho playlist immediately.

The debut show is being held at Cinecycle on May 26th with Danger Band and Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club) and a special headliner. I have no inside information on who that headliner is but I have my suspicions, as I’m sure you may as well. Info on that show is here and the Bandcamp is embedded below for your listening pleasure!


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