The Weekly Rancho Rundown: May 21-27 2012


Here’s the 3rd installment of the weekly Rancho Rundown. This week we are open Wednesday-Sunday nights. My only show  at Rancho this week that is a TWM show is on Wednesday, but we have an awesome event from the Green Shades boys on Thursday, a special birthday on Friday, and my favourite annual fundraiser event on Saturday. Then on Sunday, Wordburglar and More or Les bring the $5 rap show back to Rancho. Details on the week’s shows below:

Weds May 23rd: Sweet and Lowdown @ 11:20, Mouth @ 10:35, Stranded Cruiser @ 9:40, Presented by TWM, PWYC

My only show at Rancho all week, but it’s a doozy! The rockin’ punk stylings of Whitby’s Stranded Cruiser kick off the night. Had them a few months back and they bring huge energy and are very mature at a young age.

Then we cruise into Mouth, who may end up being one of my favourite bands going right now in Toronto. Always been a fan of Caleb Timmermans vocally, from his days in Cut Throat Britva. There have been several times when I found myself wondering what he was up to — then I found out about Mouth. Strongly suggest not missing this set.

Closing it out we have the debut show from a band called the Sweet and Lowdown. Alas, I’ve heard them and you have not, since the band has yet to put anything up on the site for you to hear. So come on and out and witness the birth of what could be a very cool new Toronto band.

Thursday May 24th: Commander Wolf, The Effens, Ramona, The Deadbeats, Presented by GreenShades, Doors at 9, $5

One thing about a GreenShades party is that you just don’t know what might happen. For instance, I am not sure what the set times are. I’m not sure which of the bazillion bands listed under the name the Deadbeats is the one playing this show. And I’m not sure if this is Commander Wolf’s debut show.

But what you can be sure of is the boys will be out, wearing their shades, rockin’ the front of the stage, and supporting the bands playing in a way few — if any — promoters in this city do, myself included. It’s well worth heading out to these guys’ shows anytime you can.

Friday May 25th: Teenage X @ 12:15, Careers in Science @ 11:15, Meanwood at 10:15, Stray Feathers at 9:30, Sarah Litt’s Birthday Party, Doors at 9, $5
FB Event
Listen on Show Gopher:!Toronto/2012-05-25/RanchoRelaxo

This should be a pretty wild event, with a stacked lineup such as this and a birthday bash! The only band here I don’t know that much about is Stray Feathers, but I do recall them playing some sweet bills with Meanwood and Raccoon Wedding. If they sound remotely similar to those two bands then they will be awesome.

Speaking of which, at 10:15 Meanwood hits the Rancho stage. What can I say about Meanwood that I haven’t already said? Meanwood are one of my top-five emerging bands in Toronto right now and our venue is spoiled that we once had Viktoria as a bartender and she likes playing there so much. Consider this a preview to their NXNE show!

Then the night takes an abrupt turn for the loud when Careers in Science hit the stage. Careers in Science have been rockin’ the Ranch since their debut show! Careers in Science are super sweet dudes who like to play loud and seriously wicked rock music while partaking in a few beverages as well. For this style of music, few do it better in Toronto.

Closing it out is Teenage X, who I know but have never caught. You gotta love a band who’s entire description on their Facebook fan page is Drink Dance Destroy! I can get behind a motto like that. Perfect end-of-the -night kinda band — they rock, they are fun, and they’ll probably put you over the top, if you know what I mean.

Saturday May 26th: 3rd Annual Open Mic Fundraiser for Beverley School, Doors at 9, $10
FB Event

A good friend of mine personally, and the Rancho in general, Angele Corriveau puts on this very special event at the Rancho once a year. Angele works at a special-needs school and every year the workers like to take the students on a special field trip. Problem is they don’t have the funding to do so. So, Angele throws this event to raise the money necessary to go.

Some really cool friends of Angele’s, and Rancho faces you’ll recognize, get together to do it and it’s one of the more heart-warming events you’ll ever see happen at the venue. This is one of the few times your contribution goes directly into something tangible that you get to see and hear about. Support this cause.

Sunday May 27th: Ceschi @ 12:00, Ghettosocks @ 11:20, Thesis Sahib @ 10:40, Flight Distance @ 10:10, Presented by the $5 Rap Show, Doors at 9, $5
FB Event

The $5 Rap Show is always about as fun as shit gets at Rancho. This is a powerhouse lineup starting with Flight Distance, down from Ottawa. I hadn’t heard of these guys till they got on this show, but one thing about the guys at the $5 Rap Show is they only bring the best and Flight Distance are another great pick.

Then it slides over to the Backburner family with a set from Thesis Sahib! Thesis is an artist, he’s a rapper, he’s an author, he’s probably a ninja. Thesis is a pretty f’n sweet dude to hang with as well. What Thesis is doing is completely singular within the Backburner Crew, a fascinating combo of hip-hop going electro. Check it.

Ghettosocks is also on this bill, as if it wasn’t already stacked enough! Socks is, without a doubt, one of the finest MCs in Canada and he has the award nominations and accolades to prove it. But Socks is as hungry as ever, working on several projects while pushing forward under his own name as well. Insanely great rapper and lyricist, with some of the most stellar beats around.

And there’s the reason this show is going on, Ceschi! All the way from Connecticut, Ceschi (pronounced Chess Key) is new to me, but holy shit is he a beast! Here’s how he describes the sound: “Ceschi (pronounced chess-key) Ramos makes his own version of progressive hip hop spliced with elements of folk & indie rock. Although he has almost ‘mathy’ technical rap abilities he’s first and foremost a singer-songwriter at heart. Although one Ceschi song may consist of punk influenced machine gun fast raps, the next may be a quiet folk ballad played on acoustic guitar.”

I’ll see you at the bar,

Dan Wolovick


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