Weekly Rancho Rundown #4: May 29th to June 2nd

Nikki Fierce -- photo by Julie Maclean

Hey folks, welcome back to the Weekly Rancho Rundown. This week we have shows from Tuesday to Saturday and some pretty sweet bands are playing along the way. Let’s take a look!

Tuesday May 29th: Marshall and the Deputies @ 11:30, Gt. Dane @ 10:35, Good Conduct @ 9:45. Doors at 9. Presented by TWM. $5. FB event

Cool night, starting with a second show ever from Good Conduct, a band who debuted at Crosswires and sound like they are going to kick the night off in proper fashion. Good ol’ fashioned two-piece rock n roll, just how I like it.

Then we have Gt. Dane, who have played Rancho several times. When in Winnipeg Gt. Dane is a full band with soaring songs and a neat instrumentation. When in Toronto it’s a stripped-back performance, but for the first time in a long time it won’t be a solo set. Dana has some help from his friends tonight in what should be an interesting set.

Closing it out we have Marshall and the Deputies who are going to end the night with some soulful and funky grooves. This will be their first time at Rancho but they are recommended from an ol’ Management student of mine and sound damn tight.

Weds May 30th: Pilot Light @ 11:20, Doc Pickles @ 10:30, Ben McKenzie @ 9:40. Doors at 9. PWYC. Presented by Two Way Monologues. FB event.

An eccentric night of soloists starting with a more traditional guitar-and-vocals setup from Ben McKenzie, who is still relatively new to the solo thing but has been doing the band stuff for a while. Great singer, nice guy, early start time — don’t you forget.

Then we have Doc Pickles of Wavelength and Crosswires fame. Doc doesn’t get enough chances to showcase his originals. A prolific songwriter with a very creative mind Doc isn’t for all audiences, I admit, but I’ve always been a fan of his zany songwriting and performance style. You might be to, come and find out.

Then it’s Pilot Light closing out. A mysterious solo act coming out of Electric Karma. No songs online. Infinite mystery!

Thursday May 31st: Rick and Chuck @ 11:15, Vince Lombardi @ 10:15. Doors at 9. Presented by Comedy Records. FB event.

To be completely honest with you, I don’t know too much about this show except that they are raising money for the new Rick and Chuck video and that Rick and Chuck are a comedy/music duo who have some notoriety in the city. And Vince Lombardi, well damned if I can find them on the internet but I love their name! If you know their website let me know!

Friday June 1st: Slaves to the Groove @ 1:00, Nikki Fierce @ 12:15, Womb @ 11:35, Mother Leads @ 10:50, Shit Disturbers @ 10:10, In Vivo @ 9:30. Doors at 9. $5. FB event.

This is a gigantic rock show with a bunch of bands who have played Rancho before and are friends, combining together to throw a rager of a party — including a party bus driving a bunch in and taking their drunk asses home at the end of the night. Expect music from 9:30 right up until 2 am. Personal favourites on the list are the in-your-face rock n roll of Womb, the extremely young and talented Nikki Fierce, and the punk-meets-groove style of Slaves to the Groove.

Saturday June 2nd: Fuss @ 12:00, Retro Ad Astra @ 11:00, Mad Soul Band @ 10:00. Doors at 9. $5. Presented by TWM.

Presenting this show remotely as I’ll be at one of my best friends’ wedding in London, but do not let that keep you from attending because this is a beauty starting with the Mad Soul Band, who last time they played literally brought a bus full of supporters. A crazy mix and mash of all sorts of genres at times, you might think they are going for too many things at once and yet it ends up working.

Retro Ad Astra is the new project from Anton Hyginus (the Artful Vandelays), a band that had quite a solid run in Toronto but is currently on hiatus. Anton takes the influences that he hinted towards in the Vandelays and adds a bunch of electronic elements, and then loops and plays that all live as a compelling solo act.

And then closing it out is Fuss! Fuss is the ultimate headliner for any show, really — kickass rock that you just want to rock out, dance, and shotgun some beers to. Okay, for the last part we’d prefer if you didn’t do it at the bar.

Photo of Nikki Fierce by Julie Maclean


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