Check out Del Bel on the Kangaroo Court Podcast

Del Bel

This week for Kangaroo Court we talked with Ruhee of Toronto band Del Bel, both about baseball and about the music itself.

Del Bel is a collective full of musicians from impressive band pedigree, including The Happiness Project and Wayne Petti and the Thieves. They’re heading out on tour this month, hitting the east coast with Lisa Bozikovic, and also playing dates with other awesome Canadian artists like Baby Eagle and Maylee Todd. They’re also releasing a new single, “No Cure For Lonliness” featuring Lisa Conway singing with Bry Webb, this weekend — which you can hear at the end of the podcast linked below!

Here’s the full east coast tour lineup:

5/ 11 Ottawa, ON – Raw Sugar * $
5/ 12 Peterborough, ON * !
5/ 13 Quebec, QC TBD *
5/ 15 Rothesay, NB Treehouse *
5/ 16 Sackville, NB Legion * @
5/ 17 Halifax, NS TBD *
5/ 18 Halifax, NS Company House *
5/ 19 Montreal, QC Divan Orange %
5/ 20 Hull, QC – Le Temporaire * +
5/ 22 Montreal, QC St Catherine Theatre *
5/ 27 London, ON Grickle Grass Festival &
6/ 01 Toronto, ON 918 Bathurst- Wavelength no. 543. Single release show *^

* Lisa Bozikovic
$ Rolf Klausener (the acorn)
! Joseph Fortin
@ Baby Eagle
% Joe Grass
& Maylee Todd
^ Bry Webb
+ Scattered Clouds (ferriswheel)

If you want to check out Del Bel live — and you should — you can do it tomorrow night for a Wavelength showcase they’re playing with Bry Webb and the excellent Bozikovic. Also, their album Oneiric is available on Bandcamp and is definitely worth the purchase price! I covet the special-edition vinyl, myself.

As far as baseball goes, Ruhee has a blog that focuses mostly on baseball, Double Switching. She’s a big fan and into stats, and joined Dan and Adam for the Jays talk on this week’s podcast. Listen to her contributions there too!

Photo by Frank Yang


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