Talking music and football with the Lovely Killbots

The Lovely Killbots

It’s Thursday, which means it’s time for another episode of Kangaroo Court! This week we invited drummer Ryan Beattie of the Lovely Killbots, a band TWM has been lucky to work with for years, on the podcast.

Ryan shared in our football roundtable — he’s a fellow fantasy football nerd and a passionate Dolphins fan, and definitely held his own with our usual contributors. He also talked about his band the Lovely Killbots, in their sixth year now, and some of what they’ve been up to in 2012. The Killbots just played the album release party for Wendy Versus at Sneaky Dee’s, and next week they’re playing the HMV Digital showcase for North by Northeast. You can check them out during the festival at The Boat on Thursday June 14th at 2AM — last call is until 4AM so that’s not actually that late.

Listen to a great Lovely Killbots track, “Must Be Machine”, at the end of this week’s podcast, which also covers the Jays, Euro Cup predictions, and the NBA playoffs.

Photo by Anais Gimello


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