Check out a demo from CHAMPION LOVER on this week’s Kangaroo Court podcast


Now that we’ve recovered from the insanity that was June, we’re back to regularly featuring sports-loving musicians on the Kangaroo Court podcast. We think this feature adds a lot to the podcast, and puts a unique TWM spin on it, so we’re pretty stoked to have it back. We’re extra stoked that it returns this week by featuring Jimmy Cain of awesome new Toronto band CHAMPION LOVER.

You may have seen Black Devils Brigade play Rancho or another Toronto venue last year; they developed a solid live following in the city pretty quickly. Despite that and a solid EP, they decided to take a break and rework things, and now they’ve re-emerged as CHAMPION LOVER. CL is a different band, even with the same members — its sound is moodier and steeped more in 90s shoegaze and alt-rock than Brigade’s funk — but the talent still shines through. They impressed the crowd with their NXNE show at Rancho, and now you can listen to an interview with Cain and a demo track from the band to see what the fuss is about. While you’re at it, play through the podcast — it’s good, we promise! — and hear Cain drop the basketball knowledge.

Photo by Chris Katsarov


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