All the Way From Thailand – Yes You Read Right, Introducing Bobkats!

Thailand is a long long way away from Toronto so needless to say, I didn’t anticipate having an act from that country play Rancho any time soon. But over the weekend I received a message from my friend Rob Butcher (of HotKid fame) saying his friends were in town from Thailand and looking for a gig. They are normally part of a four-piece band called Itchy Band, but two members of said band have been jamming in Toronto to form BobKats — for one night only: Tuesday night at Rancho for a 9:45 set time.

Itchy Band play four-piece girl-band indie rock that sounds like a bad-ass all-female take on the Black Lips meets the Kills, with a shit ton of added punk attitude. Stripped down to a two piece, I can only imagine that BobKats takes that punk sound from Itchy Band and just rocks it out even more.

Joining them on the bill are Matt Nolson, Barrie Ontario’s Labcats, and an excellent local called Bismark. Music starts at 9:45 sharp with Bobkats kicking off the night. In true punk fashion they’ll be over and done with in a blinding 20 minutes. So don’t act a fool and miss it!

Details here!


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