Top 10 Reasons to Attend the Cheap Speakers’ Album Release Tomorrow

The Cheap Speakers Press Photo

The Cheap Speakers are releasing their new full-length, Switches & Levers, on Saturday March 2 and the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. There are so many reasons why you should be there.

10. Rumour has it Paint is  adding an element to their set that they have never done before!

9. This is your first of two chances to see David Kochberg release albums in March of 2013! In the Speakers he is a fierce take no prisoners drummers and in Goodnight, Sunrise he is a guitar playing co-lead singing maniac. That goes down next Friday the 8th at the El Mo!

8. You can actually order A&W through the window that connects the Horseshoe to the restaurant next door and eat that shit in the venue! So if your dream was always to eat a whistle dog while simultaneously listening to Brothers of North, then your dream can come true at the Horseshoe this weekend.

7. The Cheap Speakers have not played a show in over a year! They are itching and thirsting to get on that stage and show you all what they have. Brennan may or may not even do the splits, he is that excited.

6. Two Way Monologues has not put on an event at the Horseshoe since March of 2009, when I did a Rock Plaza Central show there. That is nearly four years ago and I have no idea when I will do one again.

5. Natalia Manzocco is totally a rock n roll ninja–and in my opinion, she’s without a doubt the most underrated female singer/guitar player in our fair city. Saturday we aim to change that once and for all.

4. Did you know the best band in Ottawa is playing this bill? Well, they are. The sky is the limit with Loon Choir and for once I’ll be doing a show with them where there is actually enough room for all of them on the stage. Don’t believe me, believe this:

3. The merch! Holy Jesus the merch! I had the pleasure of seeing the new Cheap Speakers shirt design last night and it’s the softest and most subtle stealth shirt I have seen in a long long time. And they have made these incredible Trevor Paglen-inspired patches that are limited edition and look insanely great. Check the fan page for more info on that.

2. The best band in Toronto is going on after the Cheap Speakers! That is right, Papermaps are playing this show despite Dean and his wife having their first child Elliot a little over 2.5 weeks ago! So don’t be judging if Dean has some extra bags under those eyes. I know first hand what that is like. Regardless, I saw Papermaps play at Halifax Pop Explosion after driving from New York, having all sorts of car troubles, and barely making it and they were fantastic. Expect nothing less, even with a zombie Dean Marino fronting them.

1. Simple: follow this, scroll down, and stream the new album at the only place you can right now. Nothing I said above can convince you like that can…well, except maybe the whistle dog.

Doors at 9, music at 9:20. All details here–don’t miss out!


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