TWMFEST Update, Handlebar update, and a big thank you!

Hey guys,

In the weeks and months to come, you can expect Two Way Monologues the website to be much more active–a great spot to stay up-to-date on the transition to Handlebar and what I have going on there. But there will also some actual music content. Perhaps not reviews–I think I’ve grown past reviews and besides, I am way too biased now. Just trust that there is going to be more and more here, should you want to bookmark it once again.

TWMFEST is fully live! All in all we have 19 bands playing over the course of three days at Rancho Relaxo as part of my farewell party. The dates are June 27th-29th and the cover charge is $10 for each night individually or $20 for all three. There are reunions (B’MO Crazy and the Natural Shocks) and some special sets/surprises planned. It is going to be three days you won’t soon forget. This festival, in many ways, is what is allowing me the ability to transition to a new venue and instead of leaving the booking/promotion game altogether, so your support is greatly appreciated. Details on the three shows can be found at the links below:

Thursday June 27th:

Friday June 28th:

Saturday June 29th:

All systems are roaring forward on my move to the Handlebar and our first show is there on July 6th with South of Bloor, the Breaks, and Buffalo. We’ll be there at least sevem times in July and much more in August. Some things about the new venue that might excite you:

Craft beer and totally reasonable uncraft like prices!
Great air conditioning (Rancho patrons you know how important this is)!
Always equipped with a projector and a screen for your video releases, light shows, etc.
They also always have a two turntable and mixer setup, if you want to spin vinyl at your events.
Capacity 120, including a brand new beautiful patio!

Plus, it’s just the kinda place I think everyone wants to hang out in. The lovely owners of the space of set me up with a snappy new email for bookings there and it is . For future bookings email me there or and we’ll try to set something up.

This, as you might imagine, has been an emotional time. It is exciting but also sad. I find myself feeling hugely nostalgic about the time I spent at Rancho and at the same time thrilled and terrified about the future. This feels about as good a time as any to say once again just how much all of your support over the years has meant to me. Simply put, this does not happen without all of you. Handlebar will not succeed without all of you. I can put together the best bills in Toronto but if nobody comes to see them will they make a sound?

So here we are again, seven years later. A lot of the faces have changed; some of you have grown out of going to shows. A lot of you have only recently started coming out to TWM shows. Some of you might be in different bands than you were when I started this whole thing. But regardless of what has changed, the Toronto music community remains strong and massive.

Maybe in the last few years we didn’t make the splash that we had all wanted to at Rancho and well, there are surely a zillion reasons for that, but now we’ve been given an opportunity to make as big a splash as we want to once again. So I invite you to all join me on the high diving board and be prepared to make one massive cannonball into this music scene of ours and see how far it takes us.




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