TWM in Toronto: An Update

Hey folks,

So, there’s some confusion about our family decision to move out to Newfoundland. Am I booking Handlebar? Am I doing shows at Rancho? Will TWM even be doing shows at all come the end of the summer? I’m sorry about the lack of info. In trying to get set up with an apartment and jobs, selling our stuff, and everything that comes along with a move I haven’t gotten around to writing and posting this blog. So here it is, all you need to know.


In case you don’t have the patience to read the whole thing, here are the Coles Notes:

  • Two Way Monologues absolutely and completely will live on both as a live-show promotion outfit, a blog, and as a tour-booking company–not just here in Toronto but eventually in Newfoundland as well.
  • If you’ve been hanging around TWM shows over the years, you’ve probably met Antony East of GreenShades. These last few years, Ant has essentially been shadowing and learning under me. Going forward, he will be running all TWM shows in Toronto, aside from when I am in town. More on that later!

Here is the story:

At the end of June, TWMFEST happened to celebrate new beginnings and the end of an era, but life is always more complicated than neat endings like that. The shows over at the Handlebar have been going really well, and you really need to check the place out! It’s a great place to see a show, to drink, or just to hang out. I can’t speak highly enough of how much of a class act the place is.

That said, Saturday July 27th is the last show that I have booked at the bar. I hope to have TWM do shows there in the months to come, once things settle down and Antony is used to running the TWM Toronto outfit, but for now that is the last show. The Handlebar opportunity came up and it distracted me from what I really wanted to do, and that was to move away and try this Newfoundland dream we’ve had for a few years now. In a sense, I am relieved that it did not entirely work out. When I do things I do them all out, and part of what I was excited about in the new opportunity was a chance to have more family time and be less obsessed with my company. That was not going to happen if we stayed here. Now it will.

In the meantime, something really awesome happened. Greg LeGros has been given a lot more responsibility over at the Rancho. Combine that with the place undergoing some cool renovations–such as new carpet, new floor by the bar and the stage, soon-to-come new soundproofing to help with the noise issues they have been having, and a sound booth for good ol’ Spock–and let’s be honest: the place I said goodbye to at TWMFEST is not quite the same place even this short time later.

With that in mind, and with me having shows booked that needed homes in August, those shows are going to relocate to Rancho. It only makes sense that my first shows in Toronto start at Rancho and my last shows before the move will be there as well. I did not expect this to be happening even just a couple of weeks ago, but I am psyched that it is.

I am actively booking shows for September and beyond at Rancho Relaxo and other venues, and will be running them as Two Way Monologues shows. I can help secure bands, doing the ol’ online promo on FB and twitter and using the blog to drive up some interest, and I am only a text/phone call away during the events. At the venue, Antony East will be there to run the shows and make sure everything goes smoothly. I am completely convinced that Antony is going to take this opportunity and run with it.

In the meantime, I am going to start building the brand out east. In a few years time I hope to have a bar out there, and once I do I hope to have a bunch of the bands I love so much make the trip to play its stage. My goal is to shrink the distance from Newfoundland to Toronto and to extend those East Coast tours to include Newfoundland in them. If it all goes well, you’ll be able to book a TWM show anywhere from Toronto to St. John’s.

With that in mind, I am not going away forever, to never be seen again. All of this only works out if I keep my Toronto music connections tight. I intend to be back in Toronto every three to four months. When I am here, we’ll put on some of TWM’s biggest events of the year. I’ll see you at the festivals–and if you want to book something big with me and we can plan around it, I will make every effort to be at the show. I love Toronto, I just have not been able to fully do everything I want in this city. But make no mistake, I am not running away on you.

In short–for future bookings you can continue to email me at or contact, and we will hook you up. The sooner you let us know what dates you want to play, the better! I also have some openings on bills in August.

Now you are all back in the loop. Sorry it took so long! Been trying to get all my ducks in a row before making announcements.

Let’s enjoy the last month and a half and have some drinks. This chapter of our story is about to wrap up, but the book is far from over.




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