Multiple Venues, All Genres, Tour Booking, and More–it’s the TWM Future!

Hey guys, So, the big move is coming up fast. The flights are booked for the morning of Sat Aug 31st, and that night TWM is putting on a show at Rancho. If that does not sum up our future then nothing does! Over the last few weeks the TWM team, fronted by me and Antony East, have been putting together the plans for our future and we are thrilled with what you can expect to see. Going forward (and until you hear otherwise from our camp), Rancho Relaxo is going to continue to be our homebase. The numbers will vary but on any given month we’ll be putting on 10+ shows on various nights of the week out of Rancho. We’ll also be throwing three nights a month over at Handlebar: a Tuesday, a Thursday, and a Saturday. Expect shows every month or so over at the Horseshoe Tavern, Measure, and some really crazy events at Izakaya Sushi House. Want to do an event somewhere else? Message us! More than likely we can hook it up. We’ll be doing shows in basically any genre. So feel free to message about shows and we can let you know if we have something coming up that fits. Additionally, we intend to expand on booking tours. More specifically, either tours around Ontario/Quebec or going out to the East Coast, or coming from the East Coast to Ontario. Once I get established in Newfoundland, expect me to be bringing bands out there. So there you have it! Email or and let’s get a show going! Cheers, Dan & Ant


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