Brothers of North – Stolen Cars (Review)


Leaving Toronto for Newfoundland has really re-opened my mind to listening to and consuming as much music as possible. I feel weird saying that, having been a promoter for the last seven or eight years, but seeing upwards of 20 acts a week really made it hard to get into it at home, hearing as much new stuff as I used to. Sure, I’d listen to bands for bookings–but when acts put out a new record, I never had the chance to truly absorb it the way I once would have.

But since I arrived here, I’ve been listening to bands like I did back in the day. One of the first bands I’ve been spending a lot of time with are Brothers of North, and I could sum up their debut EP in one word: WOW. This band really has limitless potential. Would I be remotely surprised if Brothers of North burst out to become one of the biggest indie-rock bands in Canada? Not at all. I knew they had it in them the second they opened up for the Cheap Speakers at the Horseshoe Tavern, and this EP re-affirms it in a huge way.

There has to be a certain amount of belief in your own band to record an EP like this. They’ve clearly spent considerable time (and expense) rehearsing and recording to make sure it sounds top notch. The vocals are gorgeous and are mixed exactly as they need to be at all times.

Take, for instance, the way the band closes out the last minute on “Robbery”–building up instrumentally and baiting the listener along, all the while expecting a massive vocal part to come back for the finish, only to eventually fade out and leave the listener wanting more. That is some next-level shit right there!

And well, “1990’s” has that nostalgic-as-all-hell and addictive lyrical quality to it that begs for radio airplay and/or music video play. Although I must admit, they do have a pretty awesome Blue Jays reference in there that might render me completely unable to dislike the song. That said, I’m quite sure the song is brilliant.

I like to gamble on things. I like to gamble on shows, I like to gamble on bands, and I love to gamble on sports. Upon arriving in Newfoundland, I decided to check out their Proline system–what with the football season coming up. I was shocked to find out just how much more advanced it was then the repressive Ontario system. One of the things you can do is bet on teams who will win the Super Bowl. It’s called a Future Bet. If the Toronto music scene had such a bet, Pup, the Balconies, Dinosaur Bones, the Darcys, etc. would be the favourites. Brothers of North might be something like 80 x 1 to be Canada’s next big band. I’d drop a nice bet with those kind of odds. They have that much potential.

Catch Brothers of the North at the Handlebar on Saturday Sept 14th as a special guest of the Cheap Speakers at their video screening party. Also joining them on the bill are Sam Taylor & the East End Love and The Fires Of. Full details here:


Dan Wolovick


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