The Racoon Wedding Release New Album and Plan a Bunch of Support Dates


You could deprive yourselves of many nights of sleep, lying awake trying to figure out why certain bands get breaks and other do not. I’m sure the Racoon Wedding have given that some thought over the years–or maybe they haven’t at all, because they just keep on releasing some of the best and most creative music Canada has to offer, whether you pay attention or not.

The band has just dropped Raccoon Dead on the Side of the Road, and have done so to vinyl (sexy!). They released the album at what was reported to be a great show at the Silver Dollar, and are bringing their six-piece show to Rancho Relaxo on October 5th alongside some other fantastic bands: WickedWitches, Low Hanging Lights, and Lenny and the Bullfighters.

Here’s a pretty amazing quote about the album: “Like a looser Dr. Dog, with a better sense of humour, their fun-times, get-liquored-up stomp rock is as good as it gets.” Don’t believe them? Watch the music video for their single “All I Need” and you will see why it’s true. Ever wonder what it looks like watching the Racoon Wedding down a bottle of Johnny Walker Red? TWM has you covered.

There was a time, a few years back, when the Ford Plant was thriving in Brantford and the Racoon Wedding were at the forefront of that scene. Back then, it seemed like everything was about to happen for them. It didn’t. Lots of bands would have folded after that, but I give them the utmost respect because they are still going strong and musically better than ever. Check out their tour dates–and if you are in Toronto, save October 5th and RSVP here for what is certain to be a great show. They haven’t played Rancho in years!


Dan Wolovick


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