The Evolution of TWM Continues

Perhaps some of you have been out to a TWM show lately? If you have, you probably noticed that things are business as usual, with my main man Antony East running the ship and a lot of the same friendly awesome faces you know and love hanging around and supporting what we do.

We are still putting on upwards of 20 events a month, which is nearly as many as I was putting on as the full-time booker at Rancho Relaxo. Except now we are all diversified, doing shows at several spots around town. I have revitalized the listing portion of the website to have the most up-to-date TWM listings you will find online. Granted the link still says Rancho, but hey–is TWM really ever not going to begin with Rancho? You can find said listings here! If you notice there is “TBA” on any of the shows listed, feel free to email or to inquire about playing.

You also might have noticed some postings about tour bookings either around Ontario/Quebec or out to the East Coast–or hell, even out as far as Newfoundland! That is very much a new element of what TWM is doing. I have been booking tours on the side for years, but now it is at the forefront of what I’m doing. The Cheap Speakers are presently on the road to the East Coast on a tour I put together, and Papermaps are right in behind them. I am also doing some stuff for Fade Chromatic, and hopefully Dead Messenger will be taking the maiden voyage of a TWM tour out all the way to the Rock! I have a website (or perhaps part of this site) in development that will have all the acts I am doing bookings with for you to check out and/or for you to book if that is something you want to do–hopefully that will be out by middle of October.

One of my stated goals in moving to Newfoundland was to shrink the distance between Newfoundland and Ontario, and to hopefully have more artists come to play Toronto from Newfoundland (and vice versa). It is only a beginning, but on October 8th I am psyched to announce a show in Toronto featuring two Newfoundland artists who are on tour and one Newfoundland expat who is now living in Toronto. The night features Danielle Trouble, who plays around St. John’s often under the name DT and the Dinosaurs but plays solo as well. She also is quite likely to be the one who serves (or doesn’t serve) you drinks should you ever be on George Street at CBTG’s–so if you ever plan to do that you should probably attend the show. You can see an awesome video of her stuff at the top of this post. She is in town supporting her new album I’m 100% 50-50 and is on tour with her friend Paul Sheppard, who is touring with her solo but can often be found in my neck of the woods playing with Navigator Black & the Indighost. They will be joined by Matt Cooke of Newfoundland’s Baytown, who will have just returned to Toronto after spending the summer here in Newfoundland playing shows with Baytown and recording an album. The only thing that is going to be missing, really, is Black Horse on tap! Please do consider checking this night out, as it is the beginning of something much bigger that I am striving towards. Event details!

Lastly! I am coming home to see all of your beautiful faces and shower you with Jameson and hugs at the end of October! I won’t be back for a while after this, so I really hope I get to see most of you. I am going to be home approximately from October 25th to Nov 3rd and have a bunch of fantastic events planned for while I am in town. My birthday is on October 27th and as such I have a couple of amazing shows lined up to celebrate the occasion: one more in the experimental indie-rock/electro vein and one that is just going to be a wild night of awesome rockin’ music. You can find the details on the aforementioned listings page, and Facebook events are coming soon. I still have the same Toronto cell number, if you want to get in touch.

So there is your update! As always, I deeply appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to seeing you in Toronto (or here in Newfoundland!) in the near future.


Dan Wolovick


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