A TWM Update — Newfoundland, CMW, Boats, and More!

By Lala Gnar Gnar Photography

By Lala Gnar Gnar Photography

Hey everyone,

I promise you that before long, we are going to have updates on here about music and individual write-ups, reviews, and stuff like that. But right now, TWM is in such an amazing transition mode that I have to focus on that for the time being.

Last you heard, TWM was signing off on a pilot residency at the Avant-Garde Bar–that is now going strong. Some touring acts we are bringing to Ottawa include Duck Duck Goose, Rulers of the Moon, Navy Skies, and Another City. As always, you can find details on all of the shows we do be it Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal–or hell, Newfoundland–by going here.

Newfoundland? Yes, you read right. I am excited to announce that me and my buddy Ian Newton (owner of CBTG’s) are going to team up to bring a bunch of Newfoundland acts to Toronto for CMW. It is going to be an officially sponsored Road to CMW event–and when I say bring them to Toronto, I mean just that. On our buck, we are bringing them out. Newfoundland is my new home and I cannot wait to show all of you in Toronto how awesome it is–and at the same time, show these new friends of mine how great Toronto is. Full details–in terms of a Facebook page, mission statement, and more–will be available soon, but for now if you are a Newfoundland act interested in participating, get in touch. Starting in January, every Thursday night we will be scouting out bands for this great opportunity.

TWM has also confirmed a bunch of new shows, the biggest of which is going to be Boats at the El Mocambo! This will be TWM’s first show at the El Mo since the ownership change, and we are thrilled–and even more so with the rest of the lineup, which includes The Danger Bees, Broken Bricks, and Brothers of the North. We’ve also secured our next night for the ‘Shoe on Jan 18th, and have a ton of other stuff coming up! Again, check the listings page.

And on one last note, it was so awesome to see so many of you while I was home in Toronto. I want to be back as soon as possible, but of course you are all very welcome here on the Rock!

These are exciting times for TWM, and if we’ve worked together before I cannot wait for you to reap the rewards. If we haven’t–well hey, this is a great time to start! And if for some reason we have and stopped, maybe it is time to get back on the bus.


Dan Wolovick


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