Why You Need to Know About VOX, the New Monthly Dance Party at Baltic!


Toronto has more than than its fair share of dance parties/DJ nights, and I am the first person to admit that. But then again, we also have more than our fair share of bands and concerts and venues and everything else. Picking which one to go to any night can be a bit of a headache. That is why, over the years, reliable events–like, for instance Shake A Tail–have thrived. People like to know about something consistent that they can go to when they want to dance on a weekend night that will be fun, well attended, and playing good music.

A few years back, you could say those things about Pop Noir, a reliable and awesomely fun night based out of Neutral in the Market. The night showcased one band along with Lawrence and Shoe DJing their style of music, which generally fell into the indie-pop/electro-pop/Brit-Rock genres. Some of the best local bands around at the time are ones I found through Pop Noir, but after a strong run the guys decided to retire.

But now they are making a comeback under the name VOX! Their event, running the last Saturday night of every month at a new venue called Baltic, has been off to a hot start since the bar opened its doors. For the first month they brought in Parallels as the musical guest, which inevitably opened some eyes. This month they bring in Fighter/Lover! A staple in the Toronto music scene over the years, Fighter/Lover is a great match with the type of music VOX spins before and after the set.

Here are the basic details: music and doors start at 10, the band hits around 11, and then the DJs go back at it until the end of the night. There’s a nice and cheap cover of $5, and the Baltic is located at 875 Bloor St. West. The FB event is here. Fun fact: Lawrence actually DJed at our wedding, and in January of this year he made a comeback of sorts at the Love Kills reunion show, where people danced the night away right until last call.

Let’s face it, right now you either probably don’t go out to DJ nights because you don’t like the music they are spinning, don’t like the crowds that go out to them, or are worried about massive lineups and therefore not getting in (or having to go out too early). VOX is your answer! Get in on the ground floor when it’s new, with a crowd that wants to go out and have a good time–but to do so while listening to great music and also getting to experience a live band.

Over the next few months, TWM is going to be helping out with VOX by putting the word out and getting some of your bodies out to check out the party and see for yourself why it’s the best dance party on the rise in Toronto.

For updates on all things, join the FB page here!




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