What A Crazy Year, You Guys

2013 was a year that saw our run as the sole booker at Rancho Relaxo come to an end, after almost eight years there. It saw a brief run at taking over the Handlebar bookings, and a bullshit controversy (followed by a beautiful exoneration) over a blog hating on bands, with which we had no affiliation despite initial assumptions. It also brought the decision for me and my family to move across the country to Newfoundland, and the resulting decision to bring on Antony East as a partner to keep TWM alive and thriving.

This was a year that saw us finally diversify, after many previous years of being told do just that. We are now running shows regularly at Rancho, Handlebar, the Shoe, and Measure, with plans to expand to Baltic, Central, El Mo, and who knows where else in 2014. I started a touring company (www.twowaytouring.wordpress.com); I have upwards of 15 clients as of now, and at least a dozen significant tours coming to a city/province near you in the new year.

TWM has expanded into Ottawa, Montreal, and St John’s, with an eye on markets like Halifax and Windsor. Our crazy goal to be a company that spans from Ontario to Newfoundland isn’t looking all that crazy anymore.

But none of this could have happened, or could continue to happen, without the help of all of you. That’s why the main reason for this post is to say thanks, first and foremost, to Antony East, Emily Robertson, Greg LeGros, and Alix Cook. Without Antony and Emily, there is no way TWM would be going on or that I would ever be coming back to Toronto more than once a year. Their passion for live music, the company, and what we are striving to do amazes me every time I think of it. Greg LeGros is holding down the fort at Rancho, which will forever be our homebase. Being involved in this music game without Greg on my team seems unfathomable; I hope that day never comes. And Alix Cook is willing to do anything and everything, with enough notice, to help out TWM. She is the person who keeps me sane as I attempt to run this company more aggressively than ever from across the country.

Thank you, as well, to everyone who is playing and attending these shows. Let’s face it: we can do whatever we want, but if nobody attends or plays, then in the end what does it matter? I would list you all, but inevitably I would miss somebody and you’d hate me–so here is just one big blanket, but sincere, thanks.
2014 is going to be special, and it looks like I will be in Toronto as many as five times next year to party and hang with all of you. Maybe some of you will come out to Newfoundland as well.
Thanks for a great year, and I can’t wait for the next one!

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