Newfoundland Music Spotlight #2: Bridges


As I sit here at 2:45 AM, listening to music I should be listening to very loudly very quietly (because my family is asleep) while sipping a Black Horse and waiting to work out the final details of a show I am doing remotely in Toronto I have to say, I can’t wait to hear Bridges live and loud!

There was a time when I might have written off Bridges as being too hardcore or too intense for my musical tastes, but that all ended when I met Greg LeGros at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto. Once his band made a comeback and the Motherlode–now Rulers of the Moon–started playing my shows, I gained an appreciation for the beauty of really loud music–and the difference between good and not-so-much-good really loud music.

What I really like about Bridges is that they aren’t stuck at one speed. At times they’ll slow it and down and really brood out for a bit before bursting back into it. Other times they are borderline hardcore before taking an abrupt turn into what feels to me very much like post rock.

Their slogan on Facebook is “We play loud music from a cold island”–and while I think they are selling themselves a touch short to just sum it up as “loud music,” at the end of the day that is what it is, and there is a serious scene for heavy music here.

The dynamic between the heavy, almost screaming vocals and the emo-tinged, spoken word-esque vocals is very effective throughout the self-titled record, particularly on “Torchless.” But “Diminishing Returns” is the song that most speaks to me. Mind you, I doubt there are many readers reading this who can’t relate to the theme of frustration that comes from growing up and getting older, and not seeing a hell of a lot for it. A lot of the time where you live is where that manifests itself most, but really that isn’t the only place where you are feeling those diminished returns. Bridges do a great job of capturing that feeling in their song.

Check out Bridges on the internets at Bandcamp and Facebook.

Stay tuned to for more spotlights on Newfoundland acts, and remember the Road to CMW is going to have a satellite site set up to vote for the acts you are most interested to see us bring to Toronto for Canadian Music Week.


Dan Wolovick

Photo by Jeremy Harnum


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