First Spin Monologues: Convoys



TWM is beyond psyched to present to you perhaps our biggest First Spin Monologues to date in Convoys‘ new LP See & Breathe!

TWM has been working with Jason Jang and his great band Convoys for so long they weren’t even Convoys in the beginning. When we first started doing shows Jason fronted an act that went by the name Kill Giants. After that band broke up, some of the remnants went on to form what is now Convoys.

After sharpening their teeth and fine tuning their sound for a few years, the band now throws their first-ever LP into the ring and is ready to see how far it will take them. Convoys’ live show is known for being intense traditional rock meets garage rock, with a touch of indie-rock and punk mixed in. It is sweaty, dancey, and refreshingly honest and lacking pretension. They’ve managed to capture that sound very well on See and Breathe and especially on their hit (in my opinion) “Glory Story”.

TWM is teaming up with Convoys again on April 4th to put on their unique release party at the Baltic Avenue. The show is unique since it combines TWM’s new love for all things Newfoundland with two of our favourite acts in Toronto for one big drunken love fest. Joining Convoys on the bill are Newfoundland acts Dave Whitty and Green and Gold, who are both fantastic in their own right. Toronto pillars of the music community Fade Chromatic round out the bill and put it over the top. If you have not been to Baltic Avenue yet this is a great chance to check it out.

There is an old-school Nirvana grunginess to the way they recorded this record that warms my old-school grunge heart and makes it hard to not bang your head around wherever you may be. I notice this particularly on “Flesh and Bone” and holy hell the drumming is next level on this track! And just when you might be starting to get exhausted from having your face melted Convoys hits you with a refreshing old school swaying ’60s-style hold your lady close on the dance floor slow rock jam in “Way I Feel.”

But hey don’t take my word for it! That is what First Spin Monologues is all about! Check the embedded record below and listen to your heart’s content and then join us at the Baltic Avenue on April 4th!

Full info here.


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