TWM Brings the Rock to Canadian Music Week (Part 2 of 2)

Yesterday I posted part 1 of TWM’s 2 part series previewing the acts we are bringing from Newfoundland to Toronto for Canadian Music Week. Follow the above link for the backstory. In this article, we preview the last five acts coming with us. Be sure to check out their set times and plug them into your CMW calendar so you can truly experience what “having a time” is all about.

MOOCH Live at the Rose and Thistle

MOOCH: MOOCH has less than 10 shows under its belt as a band; you’d think that would make it tough to get into CMW. You also might think that their momentum would be slowed by the fact that one of their band members just spent the last few months in Europe. But then you’d be wrong twice. MOOCH just has that much promise that they overcame those obstacles to snag a spot at the festival. This is my favourite band on the island, combining garage with surf-rock groove and tying it up into a neat little indie-rock package. Hell, even the Horseshoe heard them and had to sign them up for a slot during CMW week. Saturday May 10th at Rancho Relaxo at 11 PM, Monday May 5th at the Horseshoe Tavern at TBA

Navigator Black & the Indighost at CBTG’s

Navigator Black & the Indighost: When it comes to the St. John’s music scene, Navigator Black and the Indighost are a bit of a red-headed stepchild–in the best way possible. St. John’s may be small but there are all types of genres of music playing her. However, what there is very little of is electronic-driven experimental pop. Fortunately, Navigator Black & the Indighost have it covered with their non-stop two-piece non-stop dance party. Their Facebook page has a quote: “They sound like they are trying to make fun of music.” It’s rather tongue-in-cheek of them to put it there, but they will challenge you. Tuesday May 6th at Rancho Relaxo at 2 AM, Sunday May 11th at Rancho Relaxo at 11 PM for TWM’s Officially Unofficial CMW Close Party

Port of Call “Less Is More”
Port of Call: Port of Call is a musical partnership between Evan AuCoin and Cassandra Abbott. Both very accomplished musicians in their own right, Port of Call marries their sounds to create a beautifully subtle folk-pop duo that warms your heart during one song and tugs on its strings in the very next. I strongly suggest checking out their song “Montreal” on Soundcloud, as it has to be one of the top three songs I’ve heard since moving to St. John’s. Tuesday May 6th at Rancho Relaxo at 10 PM, Weds May 7th at Charlie’s Gallery at 11 PM for Indie Machine
Undesirables “Shit Bands”
Undesirables: Undesirables play hardcore punk in such a straight-forward way that it actually manages to resonate with more than the obvious audience. This year has already been an exciting one for the band, with them getting second place in the Levee’s battle of the band competition; as a result, they’ll record a proper album later this year. Now they are going to Canadian Music Week to test just how hard Toronto can party on a Tuesday night. Tues May 6th at Rancho Relaxo at 3 AM
Dave Whitty Band “Old Curse”
Dave Whitty & the City Superette: The link provided will bring you to Dave Whitty’s solo page, but that should soon be updated. Regardless, as a solo musician Dave Whitty is one of my favourites in Canada. Now he’s taking that one step further by branching out with a full backing band. At CMW you will be able to see Dave both ways. He’s a brilliant songwriter with a dynamic on-stage presence that has been fine tuned through literally thousands of gigs. Weds May 7th at Rancho Relaxo at 10 PM, Fri May 9th at Rancho Relaxo at 3 AM
We have gone great lengths to bring you this wonderful music from my new home in St. John’s, and we truly hope you’ll join us to experience some of it during Canadian Music Week.
Dan Wolovick

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