Introducing Bardos, a new band from the minds behind Cursed Arrows


It’s been a while since I had an update but this “new” band I have heard recently gripped me in such an intense way I just had to write about them. The band is called Bardos and I say “new” because Bardos emerged from one of my favourite and the most criminally underrated bands in Canada, Cursed Arrows.

Bardos is the same two brilliant musicians who made up Cursed Arrows, but in listening to it I would never argue that this is not a new band. There is a new energy, a more diverse sound–and if you follow the band’s Tumblr it is clear that in this last year or so, while Cursed Arrows has been on hiatus, there have been some seriously heavy and life-changing things going on that probably all worked together to give birth to Bardos.

The band has already announced a massive American tour and plans for the Canadian counterpart will likely be online before this article posts. They also have three boneshakingly powerful demos up on Bandcamp for you to get excited about. These demos will eventually be finalized before their release on vinyl, which I am very excited about.

Lead single “Sad Fucks” reminds me of what I adore about Dead Moon–and if you don’t know Dead Moon then that is another band I strongly suggest you check out. “Sad Fucks” is the type of song that could only be written by someone who has gone through a lot of pain and suffering while trying to accomplish a goal. With its brutally honest lyrics and the emotion you can feel pouring through the vocals, it’s one of the best songs I have heard in a while.

And these are just demos. When they get finalized and pressed to vinyl, they are going to shake the world down. Find Bardos on Facebook and Instagram, and look for them in a town near you. For TWM fans in Toronto, we have them playing on August 2nd at the Handlebar opening up for Joatmm, Billie Dre and the Poor Boys, and YEAST LORDS. Get out early!



Photo courtesy of Bardos


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