25 Things You Need to Know About TWiMFeST


The excitement is palpable as we get close to the inaugural TWiMFeST. People are asking lots of questions like who should I absolutely go see? Is your festival anti-NXNE? What is the best bet for me for passes? Will David Marskell be letting people touch his hair? Okay, not that last one the last–but I strongly suggest you do it, he loves it. So without further adieu here are 25 things you need to know about TWiMFeST.

1. The festival is NOT anti NXNE. I realize that our hashtags can come across that way, and that was intentional. We did not like the way NXNE went down last year–there is no denying that. But I have had many great years with NXNE and they are making efforts to improve the fest. Our festival is what an indie festival should be: fair to the artists, showcasing rising talent, paying that talent, and celebrating indie music. Hopefully that clears that up.

2. There are a bunch of artists who have released music recently or are releasing music at the festival. Those include Trevor James & the Perfect Gentlemen (Huron Digital Release), Frankie & Jimmy (first time with vinyl in Toronto), Shawn William Clarke, Royal Creatures, and more. Check these artists out!

3. There are two acts playing both sides of TWiMFeST, in both Toronto and St. John’s. They are Grandola, a dirty two-piece rock outfit from Calgary, and Port of Call, a beautiful acoustic indie-folk duo from St. John’s. How rad is that?

4. We won’t decline any media pass requests. Too many great rising blogs were rejected at NXNE last year and that resonated with us. Want to cover it? Just email: info@highvisibility.ca.

5. Speaking of which! Check out High Visibility, a rad new company helping us out with the festival. You want to get your band/product/idea out there? They can help!

6. “I want something seriously heavy or metal, do you have anything for me?” Hell yeah we do! Check out Gypsy Chief Goliath, one of the deadliest and quickly rising stoner metal bands in North America right now, at the Magpie Taproom Oct 25th at 1 AM.

7. As of this moment we have no sponsors–and we are alright with that. That said, feel free to hook us up with a Jameson sponsorship.

8. Ally Mode are playing their debut show on Oct 23rd at 11 PM at the Melody Bar at the Gladstone Hotel. They posted a dirty little preview on Soundcloud and we think their set might be really really great!

9. The election is on Monday after the fest, but that isn’t going to stop mayoral candidate Robb Johannes from playing not one but two sets during the festival: Thursday at 10 PM at the Gladstone Hotel in the Melody Bar with Paint, and Sunday night at 11 PM at the Horseshoe Tavern with Rulers of the Moon.

10. Oh, and it just happens to be my birthday at midnight on Sunday–right after said Rulers of the Moon set. Let’s drink a bottle of Jameson or three?

11. “Are you letting bands who play Indie Week play TWiMFeST?” We said #noradiusclause, so of course we are. The two festivals couldn’t be more polar opposite. But we absolutely have a handful of bands playing TWiMFeST who are playing Indie Week. Unfortunately, one of those is not The OBGM’s, dammit!

12. “How do I get my hands on passes?” That is an excellent question. One- and four-day passes can be found at Eventbrite and individual event tickets are linked in the FB events. Or you can pay at the door, where passes will also be available. It costs $19 to get a festival pass online right now. That is an insane deal and all you need to do is hit two venues to make it worthwhile. Buy them! It gives us more ability to promote.

13. The man, the myth, the legend.

Thursday Oct 23rd at 11 PM at Rancho Relaxo. Be there!

14. Imagine next year being able to play TWiMFeST in Toronto, then Halifax Pop Explosion, and then TWiMFest in St. John’s, Newfoundland. That is the dream. Your attendance this year helps make that dream a reality.

15. We are throwing a show at Caplansky’s Deli! That’s right. On Friday Oct 24th the restaurant will close down and re-open for the show featuring psych-gazer Paul Kasner from Montreal and Toronto’s indescribable The Holy Gasp. Latkes are optional but strongly recommended. Tickets here.

16. Just one man’s opinion, but here are 10 acts I would absolutely not want to miss, in no particular order: Aircraft, Matt Bahen (from the Schomberg Fair, playing solo), Shawn William Clarke, B.A. Johnston, Diamond Bones, #1 Babe (I hear they’ll impregnate you on site), The Locusts Have No King, Persian Rugs (get their new album!), The ’92 Blue Jays, and last but certainly not least SC Mira all the way from Winnipeg.

17. The Gladstone Hotel! We love it as a venue and have big plans for future shows there. But don’t take our word for it–come see a show on Oct 23rd or 24th.

18. This time next year Diamond Bones might–and should be–one of the biggest acts in the country. I have heard their new record and it is that good. Here’s a taste:

19. The friendships, the camaraderie, and the catching up. Festivals bring us together over a shared love of one thing: music. You’ve all witnessed that at Rancho over the years at festivals. Let’s make our own magic this year without as much of the red tape.

20. The M in TWiMFeST might stand for Montreal? Okay it doesn’t, but what a great crop of bands we have coming down from that city. Of course there’s Diamond Bones, but also Give Me Something Beautiful, Erik Lind & the Orchard, Dead Messenger, Forgotten Fix, Jeremy Murphy Band, Moosy, Flicker State, Paul Kasner, Greg Halpin, and Light Bulb Alley.

21. Long live surf rock! We might only have one act, the Gnarly Ones, but they are a seriously awesome one. Catch them Sunday Oct 26th at 10 PM at the Magpie Taproom, the same room where they played their debut show.

22. Windsor is sending down four bands and they are four incredible ones. The Blue Stones are back at the Ranch Friday Oct 24th at 10 PM with some new material, but in the meantime remember this track:

23. Let’s face it: sometime around the dead of winter the realization that CMW doesn’t happen until May now is going to bum you out. Memories of TWiMFest might help ease that winter pain.

24. Check out our quasi-Newfoundland Music Showcase at Charlie’s Gallery on Sat Oct 25th featuring Paul Sheppard (who I met here in St. John’s), Port of Call, Jeremy Murphy Band (originally from here), and Scotty Bernier (who might as well be a Newfoundlander). Does Charlie’s sell Jagerbombs?

25. It’s the best four-day party around to celebrate the end of the Ford’s reign over Toronto!

Follow us on twitter: @TWiMFeST @2waymonologues @theindiemachine and see you in a few weeks!


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