Two Way Monologues Presents Road to Canadian Music Week Finals Mixtape


One year later, and here we are again with the second annual mixtape for the finals of Road to Canadian Music Week. This winter we’ve spent Tuesdays and Thursday nights winnowing down approximately 70 acts to 24 finalists. And over the next few weeks we’ll turn those finalists into four winners–two bands and two solo acoustics/duos–to be sent to Toronto for Canadian Music Week.

I always have a blast doing this despite all the work that goes into it, all the frustration, and the massive risk. That said, at the current time I am not sure if I will do it next year. But now is not the time to harp on that or to go into details as to why. So with that in mind, let’s enjoy these next few weeks and send some top-notch acts to Toronto to showcase for Canadian Music Week.

For more information on who is showcasing in the finals go to the Road to CMW site or head over the Distortion Facebook page and check the event pages. There are still four more acts to qualify for the finals and we’ll be adding stuff to this mixtape as it goes on. The tape is a completely free download, so enjoy it and bask in the glow of amazing local Newfoundland indie music. See you in the clubs.




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