TWiMFeST 2015: Fitter, Happier, More Productive

twimfbbanner twimfest2015Hey everyone,

As you might have noticed, lately things have been getting livelier on the TWiMFeST front. We’ve selected Toronto dates (Nov 4th8th) and are starting to look at venues. What we know so far is that we’ll be at the Gladstone Hotel and Rancho every night. We intend to add a lot more venues than that, but right now we are deciding which and when. That information should come soon.

Applications are now open here via Google Forms–which means no Sonic Bids and no application fee. We do somewhat understand why other festivals have you pay to apply but we have absolutely no clue why they use Sonic Bids, which is a disaster of a site that bleeds the artists dry with no real benefit whatsoever.

We are also going to be running monthly fundies starting in April. The first one features Valued Customer, Dream Jefferson, Motor Goat, and SARAS. It is a wildly diverse and talented lineup that reflects the nature of our festival. We’ll be raising funds to help secure larger headliners, publicity, backline, mass postering, and more. Lots of these improvements have been suggested by you and we appreciate the feedback.

We intend to stay true to our original mantra–but at the same time we’ve had to revisit it a bit. That’s in part because of people who took our mantra and tried to take advantage of it instead of appreciating what we are trying to do. But for every one of those there were so many of you who thanked us and have already applied for TWiMFeST 2015. All we ask is that when you do the application, be honest. if you can draw 15 people to a show don’t tell us you can get 80–because then we believe you and an entire night can suffer. A festival that prides itself on #noradiusclause #nofees #paidgigs needs you, the artist, to work with us in order for it to be successful for everyone.

We intend to scale the festival up this year: more venues and more nights, and we’ll showcase some genres that we didn’t last year, including a hip-hop showcase for sure. This is in part to make it more enticing to get your hands on the bracelet, which will still be an absolute steal of a price.

Right now though, if you are a band/artist we hope you’ll apply. If you are a volunteer who’d be interested in working with us, we’d love you to get in touch. And if you are a person who might attend, it’d be rad if you bookmarked this page, liked us on FB, and followed us on Twitter.

Looking forward to a fitter, happier and more productive 2015. Join us for the ride!


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