10 CMW Acts Playing at Rancho Relaxo That Should Be On Your Schedule


This Ship

1. The Fight (Edmonton): playing Tuesday May 5th at 9 PM

All the way from Edmonton, The Fight are on the verge of releasing a new record and debuted a single called “Try” via Exclaim last week. Saying a band has a huge sound happens all too often, and I have a tendency to do it myself, but they have a melodic indie-rock sound that is big enough to play any size stage. Good buzz about this set also.

2. Hogarth & the Sky Vines (St. John’s): playing Wednesday May 6th at 10 PM

The best band to come out of St. John’s since Hey Rosetta? That just might be the case with Hogarth & the Sky Vines. Their new record (soon to be released) is fantastic, their video has been getting a bunch of early hits, and their single is already in rotation at a bunch of radio stations. Come out and see what has the Rock so excited, and let’s have a time together.

3. Go For the Eyes (Calgary): Thursday May 7th at 12 AM

Whenever Go For The Eyes and TWM team up it is a party and a half. Whether it was the first CMW showcase hooked up by The Darcy’s, the time they played with OBGMs before 99% of you know who they were, or this time fresh off an insane New York tour with The Revival. This one is going to be sweaty!

4. Waterbodies (St. Catharines): Friday May 8th at 9 PM

If you are anywhere else but Paint or Waterbodies at 9 PM on Friday then you are what the French call les incompetents. And if you know what that reference is, then you are probably already planning to be there. Come and get loud with us!

5. Love X Stereo (South Korea): Saturday May 9th at 12 AM

I try to get an act from as far away as I can every year, and this year we have Love X Stereo all the way from South Korea. They play electro and synth-infused indie-pop/rock with shoegaze elements, and are rumoured to have a jawdroppingly spectacular live show. Acts like this are what CMW is all about, folks.

6. The Do Good Badlies on Sunday May 10th at 12 AM

This week I heard the lead single “Atlantic Ocean” off the oft-delayed hotly anticipated new DGB record and it made so happy. Bands like the DGB are why I slug it out in the music industry still after all these years. And let’s just say I have scheduled nothing on Monday in anticipation of having a time with this band.

7. This Ship (Halifax): on Thursday May 7th at 10 PM

One of the bands stirring the drink in Halifax is This Ship. Every scene needs a handful of acts working this hard to drive the scene forward. Whether it is booking shows, promoting shows, playing shows, making posters, or whatever, This Ship is right in the mix of it all. Check out their new songs on Bandcamp and come see a band that might even be too cool for Toronto. Challenge accepted?

8. Isle of Ease (St. John’s): on Friday May 8th at 10 PM

Isle of Ease were one of two bands from St. John’s to win a flight to CMW to showcase for the festival, and they certainly deserve it. Managing to create a giant full indie-folk/pop sound with only two people through intricate arrangements and next-level use of percussion, Isle of Ease are known for great songwriting and getting the crowd dancing and singing along.

9. League of Wolves (Saskatoon): Wednesday May 6th at 9 PM

I’m not one to cry over spilled milk–and let’s face it, CBC Searchlight is a popularity contest. But if it weren’t, there is a good chance League of Wolves would have won. Ah well. They’ll have to do it the hard way–like touring from Saskatchewan to Quebec and back for the second time in 2015. But this time it’s in support of a monster new record that, if there is any justice in the world, will make touring a lot easier next time.

10. The Killer Wails (Toronto): Saturday May 9th at 10 PM

Need some ferocious psych garage-punk in your life? We’ve got you covered with The Killer Wails. Ever since I heard this band’s demos, before they perhaps had ever even played a show, I have been a massive fan. Watching the progression from afar has been awesome but watching it in person will be that much better. See you there!


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