10 CMW Acts Who I Have (or Would Hang w/) at My House But Are Really Good That You Should See

painttwimfest I get in on Tuesday, so for me CMW begins for me on that day. I know some of you have already seen some amazing acts, as CMW extends to 10 days. Good for you! I’ve always had a struggle making it through 6.

We have 6 showcases starting on Tuesday at Rancho Relaxo and I think we’ve done a fantastic job of programming. Below is a list of 10 bands I am totally biased about you wanting to see. Also there will be a post on 10 acts at Rancho you should see and a third with 10 acts playing elsewhere you should check.

1. CHAMPION LOVER: playing Lee’s Palace on May 6th w/ The Orwells. Set time: 8:15

Compared to when CHAMPION LOVER have been scheduled at previous festivals, 8:15 must feel like a morning set. It’s worth getting your ass out early for. If you don’t have a pass it is going to be a hefty ticket, but let me tell you CHAMPION LOVER is always worth the price of admission. One of the best live shows in the country and swell guys to hang out with in your house.

2. Amos the Transparent: playing Smilin’ Buddah on May 7th at 10 PM

There might not be a band playing anymore who goes back as far with the TWM roots as Amos the Transparent does. Been far too long since I saw them play a set. So whether you are going because of fond memories or to fall in love with them for the first time, Amos is never a bad choice.

3. BamBoo: playing Velvet Underground on May 7th at 11 PM

Full disclosure, I am booking BamBoo’s debut tour in September but all that really means is I like the band so much I wanted to work with them further. Never been a fan of seeing shows at the Velvet but BamBoo has such a fresh sound and great live show it is worth making an exception.

4. Bike Thiefs: playing Sneaky Dee’s on Tuesday May 5th at 1 AM

Stay out late on Tuesday night and play with Bike Thiefs. I describe these guys like The National if the National put out a punk record. Dark, brooding, powerful and intense. The kinda act you can blow off some serious steam rockin’ out to.

5. Glory Glory: playing The Dakota Tavern on Thursday May 7th at 1 AM and The Rivoli on Sat May 9th at 10 PM

Two chances to catch the chill-wave indie-pop/rock stylings of Nova Scotia’s finest Glory Glory. They might not be the act from the fantastic musical province that is Nova Scotia that you’ve heard about, but they might be the best act from the province that you have not.

6. Goodnight, Sunrise: playing Cameron House on Tuesday May 5th at 11 PM

The thing about the Cameron House is it is notorious for being over capacity during the festival, but that shouldn’t stop you from trying to go see GNSR play what is sure to be a sweaty room with a packed stage. Who will play bass for them? Will there be confetti cannons? You won’t know unless you attend.

7. Paint (pictured above): playing Handlebar Friday May 8th at 9 PM

Paint at Handlebar is a bit of a weird combination but Paint always rises to the occasion and makes the best of whatever “stage” they play. 2015 is shaping up to be a really big year for Paint and they deserve every bit of it.

8. Rulers of the Moon:  playing Bovine Sex Club Wed May 6th at 12 AM

The band so hardcore their CMW profile lists the genre twice. No but seriously, those in the know, know that Rulers of the Moon have one of the best live shows and most singular sounds in the Toronto music scene. Their CMW show every year is a highlight of the Fest so don’t be the one to miss it.

9. Shore Thing: playing Smiling Buddah Friday May 8th at 8:45

Those off hour set times really fuck with your CMW schedule don’t they? El Mocambo used to be the worst for it. But hey you can’t blame the bands and if folky indie-pop is your thing there might not be a better emerging band in Ontario than Shore Thing who are about to go on an East Coast tour the following week.

10. Sulfur City: playing The Hideout Wednesday May 6th at 1 AM

1 AM on a Wednesday night isn’t so bad when you are wedged between The Smashing Satellites and Jamaican Queens. Go out and hear the only gospel/blues punk band with a saw player in the festival. Yes you read that right.


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