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TWM in Toronto: An Update

Hey folks,

So, there’s some confusion about our family decision to move out to Newfoundland. Am I booking Handlebar? Am I doing shows at Rancho? Will TWM even be doing shows at all come the end of the summer? I’m sorry about the lack of info. In trying to get set up with an apartment and jobs, selling our stuff, and everything that comes along with a move I haven’t gotten around to writing and posting this blog. So here it is, all you need to know. Continue reading


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An Important Announcement

Hey friends,

I write this today with something of a heavy heart, but also filled with excitement. It has been a weird few weeks for me, which you might have noticed from my online behaviour. Here is the explanation behind that. Continue reading


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Royal Canoe to paddle into Toronto in October

Royal CanoeWinnipeg’s Royal Canoe are about to embark on a Canada/US tour that will bring them to Toronto and the Rancho Relaxo next month, and they’re kicking it off with the release of a new digital single. Continue reading

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10 Things I Learned at NXNE from the Perspective of the Promoter/Sponsor at Rancho

10: Champion Lover is a name that Toronto is going to have keep on its radar in the weeks and months to come. Yes, this band is composed of ex-Black Devils Brigade members, but that is where the comparison ends. They are both heavy, but Champion Lover are way noiser, more experimental, and a much more intense listening and watching experience. If they build on this first show, the sky is truly the limit. Continue reading


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New Schomberg Fair album and national tour coming up in June

The Schomberg Fair -- Providence

It’s no secret that we love, love, love the Schomberg Fair. It’s partly because they’re great guys, it’s true, but it’s also because they’re just a great band — with quality songwriting and playing, solid recordings, and a face-melting live show. It’s really been a pleasure to see them grow and evolve over the years, into a group that really stands out as its own among the Canadian musical landscape. Fans of the band — or newcomers to the movement — will get a new chance to check out where all that work has taken them when they release their new album on June 5th. Continue reading

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One of Canada’s hardest-working MCs readies new album — hear the lead single!

Atherton isn’t new at this music game — he’s been at it for well over a decade.  Through various bands, projects, and collaborations he’s released countless songs, albums…hell, the guy even put out a sweet t-shirt last year.  But now, he’s about to release his own brand-new album No Threat under the very simple and fitting name, his own, Atherton.

If you’ve been listening to Atherton for a while now, my bet is the first thing you are going to notice about the lead single “No Threat” is that the beat is absolutely phenomenal.  There have been times over the years when listening to Atherton that I found myself thinking “this guy is an amazing MC and could be crushing the world with just slightly stronger beats.” Well, if “No Threat” is any indication, for the rest of the album we are about to find out just how high this Atherton character can fly.

No Threat will be available on wax, which is music to this man`s ears.  Nothing better than awesome hip hop spinning on vinyl.  Knowing Atherton, he`ll be saying raps on a stage near you, wherever you are, in the not-to-distant future.  Keep up to date with that over on the Faceboook page.  In the meantime, take a listen to the song already!

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Cousin joins Young Lions Music Club, Release Album on May 18th, Stream Inside!

I’ve had a confusing history with bands named Cousins and/or Cousin.  A few years back I booked a band from Windsor by the name of Cousins; they were a pop/punk band and a not very great one at that.  I’d added them to a show last minute after a band had said they had a show fall through and wanted to do them a solid.  I had checked out Halifax’s Cousins and they were fantastic, so I added them in a heartbeat.  Alas, the Cousins I added were the pop-punk Windsor one and not the amazing Halifax band that is still rockin’ out to this day.

I almost made that same mistake when the good people of Young Lions Music Club told me about their new artist, Cousin (hence the singular).  So when I got home from my errands and saw the band wasn’t from Halifax I was relieved to find out I didn’t make the mistake again.  I was even more relieved that Cousin — and their album, being released at Sneaky Dee’s on May 18th as part of the successful “Songs: A Dance Party” series curated this month by Holy Fuck — is pretty damn promising!

This Niagara Falls outfit have managed to make something that sounds familiar in a Canadian indie-rock way. I hear a fair amount of Plaskett influence in here but at the same time it works in dizzying guitars and some really innovative and modern indie-pop melodies.  That’s why I can imagine their sound appealing to a wide cross section of music listeners.  If you listen closely enough there is something here for pretty much everyone who gives it a chance.  As a music booker I hear my share of indie-pop/indie-rock, but I can’t think of many instances when I’ve heard influences combined like this.

Confused yet?  Thankfully, Young Lions are letting us put up a stream of one of the songs off the album. It’s called “Jawbreakah” and it’s a nice 2:15 snapshot of what you can expect to hear from the album.  Details on the show on the 18th can be found here!

Cousin – COUSIN – 05 Jawbreakah



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