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TWM@CMW Artist Spotlights & More In Episode Two Of See You Next Wednesday Podcast

In the second episode of the brand new Toronto Based podcast See You Next Wednesday, your friendly hosts and Rancho Relaxo bartenders Greg Legros & Casey Lyons along with music junkie slash TWM writer Dan Gorman chat about this years ridiculous Academy Awards ceremony and chat about the new Disappears and Cloud Nothings LPs.

Then — since it’s March and Canadian Music Week is barreling towards us — we round out the show with two artist spotlights (Wild Domestic, The Speaking Tongues). The former are performing at Rancho Relaxo on Friday, March 23rd, and the latter on Saturday, March 24th. We’ll be doing more artist spotlights in the future, so cram our RSS feed from the official See You Next Wednesday page into your android or iPhone podcast app of choice! Otherwise, hit that link up at the bottom of the post for a convenient MP3.

And as always, for more TWM@CMW listings you’re going to have to move your little mouse pointer guy to the top of the page and give “Rancho Show Listings” a click. Come on, you know you want to.

Click here to download Episode 2!


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Twenty Of My Favourite Records From 2011

Here we go again! As usual, this year I started with an obscenely long list of albums and then whittled it down to twenty. Things got pretty cut-throat when it came to dropping bands off the list — it seriously hurt to cut Canadian artists like Fucked Up, Tasseomancy, Miracle Fortress, Timber Timbre, and Dream Jefferson off my list. The reason they all got dropped was due to a change in how I made my list: this time around I went to my Last.FM charts and used that as a guide. Once I had twenty of my most listened artists, I did a few small re-calculations and ended up with what you see below. Anyway, enough of all this babbling and on with the list: Continue reading


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Cloud Nothings – “Understand At All”

Cloud Nothings‘ self-titled second album is slated for a seemingly distant January 25th release, but we’ve got the first track “Understand At All” streaming today via. Soundcloud. The band’s production values have been inching towards a cleaner sound for a while (culminating with this years Leave You Forever EP), but the song itself is still classic Cloud Nothings.

I hear a bit of pop-punk influence in this particular track, which will come as no surprise to anyone following Dylan Baldi’s songwriting thus far. Dylan has played around with different styles of pop before, but he always keeps it fuzzed out and catchy. The record will be released by Carpark (home to artists like Beach House, Dan Deacon, Toro Y Moi, Light Pollution and more) so you can bet the buzz will grow around this release.

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Stream New Cloud Nothings And Real Estate Tracks (True Panther)

We’ve got two streams here today courtesy of the New York based label True Panther Sounds — home of artists like Girls, The Morning Benders, Delorean and more. First up is the new track from ever-active Cleveland buzz-pop band Cloud Nothings called Leave You Forever. If you haven’t had a chance to check them out, now is the time to jump on board and start digging their ramshackle pop-melodies. The song comes from a 4-track vinyl release that will be limited to 500 copies (and it won’t be re-printed!). Pre-order it here.

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Mini-Reviews and Recent Discoveries #1.

So I thought it would be a good idea to get into the habit of writing some reviews for releases that I’ve been trying out in recent days. Not huge reviews anyway, but a taste of what I’ve discovered lately– good and bad– that I think people might be interested in. Here’s the first installment, and we’ll see if I can keep this up over the summer!

S consists of Jenn Ghetto– formerly of Carissa’s Wierd– who were a really big deal to a lot of people it seems. S is very stripped down and sad indie folk, but with atmospheric and angular guitar playing. I’m not exactly sure how to explain it without saying mathy– which it isn’t really. It’s almost post-rock sounding, because her guitar is often drenched in delay while multiple vocal melodies wrap around and envelope each other. Let’s just say it’s not what you expect when you go into the album thinking it will be the usual rootsy-folk solo affair. It’s bound to turn some people off but I’m finding it to be a very interesting and engaging listen so far. You should check it out if you’re into Elliott Smith or Carissa’s Wierd. Continue reading

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