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Dave Whitty — Bringing the “rock” to Toronto a few sets of ears at a time

Let me introduce you to Dave Whitty. Dave’s story isn’t all that different from that of the many other Newfoundlanders who spend large portions of the year away from home, but Dave does it for a very different reason: to advance his career as a musician. Having played solo and with band in Newfoundland for quite some time Dave recently migrated by himself to Toronto, where he has began to go to work to gain the same obsessed crowd, with all his lyrics memorized, that he has back home. Continue reading


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Backburner Crew Launches “Heatwave” and “Rhyme O’Clock” Videos on Feb 2nd

Much of what I could say here, you’ve probably heard me say before, so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Next week, on Thursday Febuary 2nd, The $5 Rap Show puts on their first show of 2012 celebrating the release of not one but two brand new music videos. The first is “Heatwave” (above) which features my good friends the Backburner crew: Timbuktu, Chokeules, Wordburglar, Jesse Dangerously, Thesis, and Jay Bizzy. The video was shot for the lead single off the compilation album of the same name, released in late 2011. It’s a freaking awesome album and something you need to hear — do it on their bandcamp.

The second video is one even more near and dear to me — Wordburglar’s brand new music video for “Rhyme O’Clock.” I love this one not just because a large portion of it was shot at Rancho Relaxo — home of The $5 Rap Show — but also because over the years of SJ playing shows for me under the TWM name, and him and More or Les launching The $5 Rap Show at the venue I book, we’ve become pretty tight. It’s been ages since Wordburglar has released a new album to the masses, and this video is the precursor. However, to see this one you are going to have to actually drag your ass out to the show: http://www.facebook.com/events/115866101867243/. It will be debuting for the first time anywhere that night, Thurs Feb 2nd, at The $5 Rap Show.

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How Different Skeletons Defied Expectations

Some people play music just as a hobby. Some people play it to make a career out of it. Some do it because they feel they have to, that life isn’t complete without it. Others just do it because they want to. Hell, some people do it because they feel a pressure to do it. As a music promoter, I come across all sorts of different people playing music for different reasons. There’s the bar band that is completely content to play the Rancho every few months to a decent crowd and doesn’t need to play for a while after that. Or there’s the band playing more than 100 gigs a year and would prefer to be playing 200 or more and everything that exists in between. Sometimes I am very wrong about where a band falls in this spectrum, but more often than not I am right. But let me tell you a story about a band I was very wrong about, Different Skeletons.

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Hue & The Indie Machine Present: The Hue-Liday Show

This Thursday night, my friends with the Indie Machine team up with excellent Toronto-by-way-of-London indie-rockers Hue to put on a “Hue-liday” spectacular.  I like a good pun, but the real reason I am eager to write about this is because I believe Hue is up to something in a big way right about now. Continue reading

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Everyone wants a free lunch, but do the bands?

I’ve often written, tweeted, and spoken about how bands might be able to get more compensation for their performances. Sometimes a paltry payout stems from a lack of promotion on part of the promoter, venue, or bands.  Sometimes it’s thanks to less-than-smart show scheduling.  There are a lot of potential reasons, really, and each show is somewhat different than the one before.  But there is one reason for low pay that is particularly troubling: these days, everyone wants a free lunch. Continue reading

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