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NXNE Night #3: The Breezes, Enjoy Your Pumas, Ruby Coast and more

Friday night is always an intense night at NXNE — having spent the two prior nights up late and up early for work makes staying up until 4am a little tricky. I gave it my best shot last night, and here’s what I checked out:

The Breezes @ Rancho Relaxo – I was excited to check out The Breezes because they’ve got members of a band I really like called The Golden Isles. I caught them a few years back at and empty Horseshoe Tavern and loved them. Unfortunately the 8pm slot reared its head last night and The Breezes didn’t end up with much of a crowd. Their sun-kissed pop with slight psych and classic rock flourishes was alright, but I couldn’t help but think they were having an off night. The elements were there for something that I’d totally dig, but it didn’t really add up. Not the worst set by any means, but it just wasn’t there yet. I’d be interested in hearing their recordings and checking their sound out that way. Continue reading


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Photos: Bravestation EP release

Bravestation released their newest EP this past weekend at the El Mocambo, to a packed house — nice to see when the band was on last, as that’s often not the case. Actually, the whole show was pretty rewarding, because every act held its own but the four all worked together well. Continue reading

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