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From East to Exit — a band to keep an eye on!

We all have them — musical enablers, people whose musical suggestions we trust. When these enablers tell us to check out a band because they’re really great, we tend to believe them because these folks usually know their music.  We also have musical de-enablers — yes I just made up a word — the folks who when they say “Check out this band!” you run the other way.

A few of my most trusted musical ears told me about From East to Exit, including Dean Marino (Chemical Sound producer and Papermaps singer/guitarist) and Mike Walter (co-founder of Show Gopher and member of Krupke).  So naturally I booked them in for a show expecting a great set — which they absolutely delivered on.  What was a nice added bonus, however, was that they’re also all-around cool guys who truly have a drive and a passion for what they were doing.

That’s why when I got a message today from band member Jon letting me know their album Lowlands was set for release at the beginning of June, with a link to some sample tracks, I dove right in.  I suggest you do the same.  I might be wrong, but I am quite certain that none of you are too busy to spare eight minutes and 40 seconds to hear these tracks.  They blow by in a dizzying, jangly, toe-tapping assault on your musical senses.  While I wouldn’t compare the two bands musically, it reminds me of the debut Whale Tooth EP I helped release a few years back.  You blink and it feels like you missed it, as the songs have been done in such a way that they manage to make nine minutes feel like three.

Knowing that this recording stands to be one of the final releases from the now-closed Chemical Sounds studio adds to my excitement to hear the record.  They are even going to be putting it out on limited-edition vinyl!  Do the math on that one folks: tight post-Strokes indie rock + Dean Marino’s Chemical Sound Studio + the incomparable sound of sexy wax = an explosion of musical awesomeness.

Busy schedules on my end and the band’s has postponed their Toronto celebration of this album release until July 14th, but please do save the date and make a point of coming out and hearing for yourself what I’m all worked up about!  The band has been nice enough to allow us an exclusive stream/download of one of their songs “(Oh No!) Ghosts” which can be found below!

From East To Exit – 01 Oh No! (Ghosts)




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Papier Tigre Release New Single Of Forthcoming LP “Recreation”

I caught Papier Tigre (who hail from Nantes, France) playing a festival set at Rancho Relaxo a few years back, and ever since I’ve been a big fan of their album The Beginning And End Of Now. That record came out in 2008, and aside from a split in 2010, they haven’t been releasing a ton of new music. Needless to say, I was excited to see a new track off their upcoming LP Recreation pop up on Facebook yesterday.

The new song — “Home Truth” — sounds a bit heavier than anything we’ve heard from Papier Tigre in the past, but their mathy precision and technical drumming show up here in full force. These guys are seriously bad-ass, so check out the stream above and go grab The Beginning And End Of Now as well. Recreation comes out March 1st, 2012 via Africantape & Murailles Music.

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On The Rise: Canadian Duo Purity Ring

Canadian electronic duo Purity Ring — consisting of vocalist Megan James and Corin Roddick — have been making the rounds lately on various blogs across the internet. The duo may not be the most prolific — they’ve been together about a year and have three songs thus far — but everything they have released sounds amazing.

Megan’s gorgeous vocals fit perfectly over Corin Roddick’s slightly glitchy electronic beats and floating synth-lines. I’ve been really quite enamored with Megan as a vocalist, I think her performances on these songs are all great. So far “Ungirthed” is my personal favourite, but all three really show a band who are the verge of blowing up in a big way. Check out the streams of “Ungirthed”, “Lofticries”, and “Belispeak”, in that order below.

“Belispeak” is seeing a release as one half of a split seven-inch with fellow Canadian buzzband Braids on October 10th via Fat Possum.

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Monster Fever — Coming to eat you soon!


So imagine this, will you? You start a band, filled with accomplished musicians, from projects that you know and love, with the idea of performing a few times a year around Halloween. Your gimmick: You are basically like the Roots, with a full live band including drums, guitar, bass and a few frontmen who spit raps. The twist is that all your raps are about monsters, and you yourselves are dressed in elaborate monster costumes. Continue reading


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Wild Flag Release “Romance” And We All Freak Out

Listen guys, I get it: NXNE just ended and we’re all trying to get used to being up for work at such an ungodly hour. I’m with you on that one, but wipe the sleep from your eyes and clean out your ears, because Wild Flag dropped this new track “Romance” off their upcoming self-titled record over the weekend.

Maybe you haven’t heard, but Wild Flag consists of Carrie Brownstein, Mary Timony, Rebecca Cole, and Janet Weiss, who have all played in amazing bands that you’ve probably heard of. Here’s a few: Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, Dogz, Helium, The Minders, Croissant Cocktail, Feeble Knees, @@@, and Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks. Now that I’ve got your attention, here’s the song via Soundcloud and WFMU:

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Stream The New Arctic Monkeys Record Store Day Single

The new Arctic Monkeys album Suck It And See won’t be released until June 7th, but on Record Store Day they’ll be dropping the new single “Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair” onto a fresh seven-inches of wax. The single recently went up on Soundcloud to stream, which you can do so below. The seven-inch will also feature “Brick By Brick” on the B-side.


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Cattle Drums Digitally Re-Release “The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3” EP

If you missed Cattle Drums’ EP The Boy Kisser Sessions (released late last year), then you need to take this opportunity to check out their digital re-release of the album — now titled The Boy Kisser Sessions + 3. The New York band play an energetic and refreshing blend of post-hardcore and punk that will appeal to fans of bands like At The Drive-In or Bear Vs. Shark. Click through for more info, including a free stream via. Bandcamp. Continue reading


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