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10 Things I Learned at NXNE from the Perspective of the Promoter/Sponsor at Rancho

10: Champion Lover is a name that Toronto is going to have keep on its radar in the weeks and months to come. Yes, this band is composed of ex-Black Devils Brigade members, but that is where the comparison ends. They are both heavy, but Champion Lover are way noiser, more experimental, and a much more intense listening and watching experience. If they build on this first show, the sky is truly the limit. Continue reading



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Showlogues: Dream Jefferson Rip It Up At Sneaky Dee’s

A collection of videos from TWM shows gone by. See what you’ve been missing out on.

If you weren’t there to see Dream Jefferson — who’s latest free EP Punch Perm got raves from publications like Cokemachineglow and more — tear up the stage at Sneaky Dee’s on September 8th, then have no fear because we captured their performance of “Westminster Abbey”. Check out the performance below! Continue reading

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Video Interview: Playing Jenga With Patti Cake

Released this July, The Prime Minister Of Cool Chicks EP was already a TWM favourite, so we were thrilled to have a chance to sit down with Kritty Uranowski and Dan Bedard of Toronto band Patti Cake. We talked about their EP, their influences, and what’s next for the band — all while playing a rousing game of Jenga. Who will win? Watch to find out!

Patti Cake will be performing at Sneaky Dee’s on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 with Rodrigo Wilde, Dream Jefferson, and Secrettes. You’d be a fool to miss this show!

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NXNE Night #3: The Breezes, Enjoy Your Pumas, Ruby Coast and more

Friday night is always an intense night at NXNE — having spent the two prior nights up late and up early for work makes staying up until 4am a little tricky. I gave it my best shot last night, and here’s what I checked out:

The Breezes @ Rancho Relaxo – I was excited to check out The Breezes because they’ve got members of a band I really like called The Golden Isles. I caught them a few years back at and empty Horseshoe Tavern and loved them. Unfortunately the 8pm slot reared its head last night and The Breezes didn’t end up with much of a crowd. Their sun-kissed pop with slight psych and classic rock flourishes was alright, but I couldn’t help but think they were having an off night. The elements were there for something that I’d totally dig, but it didn’t really add up. Not the worst set by any means, but it just wasn’t there yet. I’d be interested in hearing their recordings and checking their sound out that way. Continue reading

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Stream & Download The Cheap Speakers’ “Speak”

Who doesn’t like brand new, free music? Jerks, that’s who! There’s been a ton of awesome tracks coming out of the Toronto scene lately, and this is one is no exception. The new song “Speak” is another great example of what The Cheap Speakers do so well: fusing the Can-rock sounds of the ’90s with the indie-pop of today. The production here is awesome too — no surprise since it was handled by the awesome team at Chemical Sound. The Cheap Speakers play with Papermaps tonight (Friday, April 29th) at Sneaky Dee’s, so crank this song and make sure to head out tonight!!

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Video: HEALTH Live @ Sneaky Dee’s

Apparently vimeo only gives me a certain amount of megabytes to upload a week, so now that it has rolled over I’ll put up a few more videos from NXNE. Here’s HEALTH playing at Sneaky Dee’s. Apologies for the shakiness of the video, it was pretty wild in there and I was stuck underneath the monitors. Also the sound goes a little tinny near the end, not sure what’s up there but otherwise enjoy the video from this awesome show!

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Video: Indian Jewelry Live @ Sneaky Dee’s

Indian Jewelry want your eyes to bleed (and more vocals in the monitor) in this strobe-light-lit video from their Sneaky Dee’s performance at NXNE 2010.

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