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Dave Whitty — Bringing the “rock” to Toronto a few sets of ears at a time

Let me introduce you to Dave Whitty. Dave’s story isn’t all that different from that of the many other Newfoundlanders who spend large portions of the year away from home, but Dave does it for a very different reason: to advance his career as a musician. Having played solo and with band in Newfoundland for quite some time Dave recently migrated by himself to Toronto, where he has began to go to work to gain the same obsessed crowd, with all his lyrics memorized, that he has back home. Continue reading


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CMW Night #4: Zoobombs, The Shakey Aches, and more.

My final night at Canadian Music Week started off innocently enough, but it ended with a bang. I’ll get around to that later. After some pre-show vegan eats at Hot Beans and a coffee to get me started, I took in another set from Alcoholic Faith Mission (this time at the El Mo). I already wrote about them in a prior article, but it’s fairly high praise that a bunch of us went back and caught them a second time during such a busy festival. Check this band out! Continue reading

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