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Royal Canoe to paddle into Toronto in October

Royal CanoeWinnipeg’s Royal Canoe are about to embark on a Canada/US tour that will bring them to Toronto and the Rancho Relaxo next month, and they’re kicking it off with the release of a new digital single. Continue reading


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Dave Whitty — Bringing the “rock” to Toronto a few sets of ears at a time

Let me introduce you to Dave Whitty. Dave’s story isn’t all that different from that of the many other Newfoundlanders who spend large portions of the year away from home, but Dave does it for a very different reason: to advance his career as a musician. Having played solo and with band in Newfoundland for quite some time Dave recently migrated by himself to Toronto, where he has began to go to work to gain the same obsessed crowd, with all his lyrics memorized, that he has back home. Continue reading

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TWM Mixtape: September 2011

Maybe you thought that our First Listen Monologues would be the only set of posts with new streaming music here at TWM — but you’d be totally wrong, buster! We’ve got the first in a long line of TWM monthly mixtapes, this time featuring bands performing at Rancho Relaxo (or Sneaky Dee’s) in the month of September.

That’s right, it’s a handy set of tunes for you to stream or download — and if you enjoy them we’ve got the dates for TWM shows featuring all of the bands on this mix. So go ahead and click play, but make sure you come back and get the dates so you can see these great performers live this month!

1. The Polymorphines – Ana Lee (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Saturday, September 10th)
2. Jack Of Hearts – Fake Your Love (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Tuesday, September 13th)
3. Gross Relations – When You Go Down (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Wednesday, September 21st)
4. Go For The Eyes – Leave Me With Today (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Saturday, September 24th)
5. Recordbreaker – Solutions (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Saturday, September 17th)
6. Dream Jefferson – Purple Hearts (Performing @ Sneaky Dee’s on Thursday, September 8th)
7. Thomas Aston – Apophenia (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Saturday, September 20th)
8. U.R.V/The Central Nervous System – I Just Wanna (Performing @ Rancho Relaxo on Saturday, September 24th)

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Video Interview: Playing Jenga With Patti Cake

Released this July, The Prime Minister Of Cool Chicks EP was already a TWM favourite, so we were thrilled to have a chance to sit down with Kritty Uranowski and Dan Bedard of Toronto band Patti Cake. We talked about their EP, their influences, and what’s next for the band — all while playing a rousing game of Jenga. Who will win? Watch to find out!

Patti Cake will be performing at Sneaky Dee’s on Thursday, September 8th, 2011 with Rodrigo Wilde, Dream Jefferson, and Secrettes. You’d be a fool to miss this show!

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Q&A with Montreal band Give Me Something Beautiful

Give Me Something Beautiful, to me, is as much a mindset as it is a band name.  The Montreal band has been hard at work for a while now — at first, playing under various names and just waiting for their sound to develop to the point where a name became obvious.  If you listen to either their Live at McGill EP or the 7″ they just put up on Bandcamp, I think you’ll agree that they settled on the perfect choice.

This Friday night, shortly after 11 PM, Give Me Something Beautiful play their first Toronto show at Rancho Relaxo.  I had the chance to ask Matt a few questions in advance; the answers are below.  Hope you can make it out. Continue reading

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TWM Presents Canadian Music Week Spotlight #5: Alcoholic Faith Mission

The Band: Alcoholic Faith Mission (Copenhagen)

The Timeslot: Weds March 9th at Midnight
What To Expect: In my honest opinion, of all the bands I’ve heard that are playing the festival, this one might be my favourite.  Not to mention, they are on Paper Garden Records in the States, and I adore that label. Continue reading

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TWM Presents at Canadian Music Week Spotlight #2: Go For The Eyes

This is the second installment in my ongoing preview of the bands who will be gracing the stage during Canadian Music Week at Rancho Relaxo.  Today’s band is Go For The Eyes from Calgary, Alberta.

The Band: Go For The Eyes (http://www.myspace.com/gofortheeyesband) from Calgary
The Timeslot: Weds March 9th at 10:00 PM
What To Expect: Go For The Eyes come on the strong recommendation from my good friends The Darcys. Continue reading

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