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Limblifter debut to be released on vinyl via We Are Busy Bodies!

I just found out some crazy news from Exclaim and wanted to share it with all of you!  One of my all-time favourite Can-Rock bands — and well, quite frankly, bands in general — Limblifter will be re-releasing their debut on vinyl for the first time ever.

We can thank We Are Busy Bodies, a Toronto-based imprint ran by Eric Warner, for this development. I could get all indie-hipster pretentious and tell you how the second and third Limblifter albums were even better than the debut — they were, but that short-changes what was an excellent debut album and will be a tremendous addition to any Canadian music historian’s vinyl collection.

Perhaps even more exciting than this is the news that Limblifter will be reuniting (with a slightly different band) for at least two shows: one for NXNE at the El Mocambo as part of the We Are Busy Bodies showcase, and one in Hamilton.  No word as of yet how different the new lineup will be, but the fact remains if both the Dahle brothers are still involved they are going to whip us all into a frenzy a la Rusty in 2011…but probably even better than that was.

In the meantime, a trip down memory lane is just a YouTube click away.

Colour me stoked!

Dan Wolovick


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Live Old World Vulture Track From Forthcoming Debut LP

Old World Vulture — Toronto’s fastest rising post-rock outfit — just blogged this live video of their song “Moon” off their upcoming LP. They’re fresh off an opening slot for Mogwai (!!!), and also recently played with James Blackshaw and Grails. So yeah, you should be getting in to this band ASAP. The new record will be available on vinyl, so keep your ears peeled for details soon!

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Releases: Tues Aug 24

New feature! We’ll be giving y’all a quick rundown of what’s coming out on vinyl each Tuesday, with notes about what we want to hear, or plan to pick up, or are kind of horrified by. Album information courtesy of our friends at Criminal Records.

I’m really not familiar with this week’s releases, though I do intend to listen to Ra Ra Riot. I kind of want to buy that Klaxons LP so I can frame it and hang it on my wall.

Ra Ra Riot — The Orchard

This is the band’s first album on Arts and Crafts, and purchasing it at a Toronto record store or from GalleryAC.com gets you entrance to a special Toronto show on August 30.

Klaxons — Surfing The Void

I don’t know anything about Klaxons, but I love this album cover. Continue reading

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Review: Nada Surf — If I Had A Hi-Fi

There is no such thing as a perfect covers album, although Seu Jorge came pretty damn close.  Honestly though, the reaction is always the same when a band is about to put out a collection of covers: fans of the band start groaning about it, and people who have always had something against the band use it as a chance to feel validated.  Sure, the odd hardcore fan is excited, but that’s definitely the exception and not the rule.

To be fair, history indicates that a cover album is probably going to be average at best and awful at worst.  So when Nada Surf announced the intention to release If I Had A Hi-Fi, a covers album, the reaction wasn’t very positive.  But this isn’t a typical covers album by any means. Continue reading

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On my vinyl to-buy list

I like to buy records. Maybe too many records, though who am I to say what’s too many? It’s good to support the industry, I think!

Anyway, here’s a look at some upcoming releases on my to-buy list. I’ll post reviews of some recent acquisitions soon as well. Continue reading

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Making records in Montreal

Enjoyed this Globe and Mail article about RIP-V, a Montreal-based company that is Canada’s only vinyl-presser, and one of only about a dozen North American companies still manufacturing records.

Photo by Alain Consonni

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Review: HotKid’s “Under The Streetlight EP”.

Rob Butcher and Shiloh Harrison are HotKid

HotKid are the kind of band that who– for a while– I thought couldn’t capture the greatness of their live show on record. I saw and loved them at CMW a year or two ago, and purchased their LP “Got it to Give’. On that record, the songs were there but the energy of their sets didn’t seem to be. I made sure to make it out to their Under The Streetlight 10″ EP release on Saturday, and as usual they played a really great show.

I’m happy to say that HotKid now have a record that stands up to their live show. Continue reading


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