NXNE (2011)

Wed, Jun 15, 2011 Cover: $12

8pm YOUNG CONTRARIANS www.myspace.com/youngcontrarians
9pm BROKEN BRICKS www.myspace.com/brokenbricksofficial
10pm GIRL + THE MACHINE www.myspace.com/girlandthemachinemusic
11pm THE LOVE MACHINE www.myspace.com/thelovemachine
12pm BLACK DEVILS BRIGADE www.myspace.com/blackdevilsbrigade
1am CAREERS IN SCIENCE www.myspace.com/careersinscience

Thu, Jun 16, 2011 Cover: $12

8pm 1977 www.myspace.com/my1977music
9pm DIFFERENT STROKES www.myspace.com/differentskeletons
10pm THE JON COHEN EXPERIMENTAL www.myspace.com/thejoncohenexperience
11pm PARKS & REC www.myspace.com/parksandrecmusic
12am BELLA CLAVA www.myspace.com/bellaclavaband
1am THE CHEAP SPEAKERS www.myspace.com/thecheapspeakers
2am SAY DOMINO www.myspace.com/saydomino
3am DEAD MESSANGER www.myspace.com/deadmessenger


Fri, Jun 17, 2011 Cover: $12

8pm THE BREEZES www.myspace.com/thebreezesmusic
9pm GROUNDERS www.myspace.com/groundersmusic
10pm MONOKINO www.myspace.com/monokino
11pm VOLCANO PLAYGROUND www.myspace.com/volcanoplayground
12am ARCHIE POWELL & THE EXPORTS www.myspace.com/archiepowellandtheexports
1am SOFT COPY www.myspace.com/softcopy
2am SUPER VACATIONS www.myspace.com/meetthevacations
3am THE BLACK VOID www.myspace.com/betheblackvoid

Sat, Jun 18, 2011 Cover: $12

8pm POP WINDS www.myspace.com/thepopwinds
9pm LOOPSY DAISY www.loopsydazy.com
10pm BRITE LITE BRITE www.myspace.com/britelitebrite
11pm HEARTBEAT HOTEL www.myspace.com/heartbeathotelwilleatyoutoo
12am SECRETTES www.myspace.com/secrettes
1am BABE www.myspace.com/babesound
2am AMBISONIC www.myspace.com/spaceprog
3am A HORSE AND HIS BOY www.myspace.com/ahahb


One response to “NXNE (2011)

  1. Cat

    So excited for NXNE- just got the MyNXNE app that has all sorts of info on all the bands, as well as events and maps- free download from the app store. There’s also a section for news from spinner.ca. and contests from Shweet.com where you can win VIP passes and stuff. It is going to be an awesome week.

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